Building the Perfect Floral Bouquet with Cute Flowers

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Flowers, there is such versatility in what you can do with a bouquet of flowers. From sending a birthday floral bouquet to celebrating an anniversary milestone, flowers can say what we sometimes struggle to put into words. Are you looking to create a floral bouquet that is unlike traditional bouquets? This article touches on:

* Cute flowers to send

* Why send a floral bouquet?

* How to send a floral bouquet

Cute Flowers to Send

When you walk into a floral shop, you can expect to find bouquets of roses, orchids, and tulips. Don’t limit yourself; there is so much more to choose from, and that is sure to put a smile on your recipients’ face.

Here are flowers to consider when building that perfect floral bouquet.

Stargazer lily– This oriental lily features hot-pink and white, making it an eye-catching flower. The stargazer lily emits a sweet scent and can add an elaborate and elegant feel to any bouquet. However, be mindful of your flower choices because if your recipient owns any pets, especially ones that eat anything off the ground it could end in a catastrophe. It may be best to inform them that the petals of the stargazer lily are poisonous to pets. Keep aspects like this in mind before purchasing any flowers!

Hydrangea- Considered a summer flower, the hydrangea comes in blue, white, pink, and purple. Being a summer flower means that the hydrangea is a popular flower when it comes to weddings. Therefore, if you are still deciding on your own wedding flowers, hydrangea’s may be the perfect fit!

Daffodil- Bring a splash of color with the bright yellow daffodil. You know spring is around the corner when you see daffodils peeking through the once snow-covered ground.

Plumeria- The plumeria is a flower that is native to America. These flowers are mainly used in the makings of leis. The plumeria comes in pink, white, yellow, and red. If you are looking to spice up your summer pool party, consider buying some plumerias!

Dahlia- A layered flower, the dahlia is a hybrid flower that blooms mid-summer. the dahlia comes in an array of bright and happy colors- red, yellow, pink, orange, white, and almost every color you can imagine.

Cherry Blossom- Do you have someone in your life who is as rare as a four-leaf clover? Why not send them a flower that is considered one of the world’s most beautiful flowers, the cherry blossom. This subtle flower is a soft pink and comes into a beautiful bloom during spring. In some parts of the world, there are annual cherry blossom festivals because seeing them reach their maturity is genuinely breathtaking.

orchid– The orchid is one of the more versatile of the cute flowers on our list, as it can be given as part of a floral bouquet or on its own. The orchid is considered one of the most exotics plants out there because of its white, magenta, purple, and pink hues.

Why Send a Floral Bouquet

Now that you have found the prettiest flowers, it is time to consider why you’d send some beautiful and breathtaking flowers. Consider these occasions and milestones as a reason to send a cute floral bouquet.

Whether your sister turning 16 or your best friend turning 21 years old, why not celebrate the day with flowers. Flowers are a great birthday gift, especially when you live in another city or country. Don’t worry about missing another birthday with FloraQueen offering birthday bouquets.

From one year of marriage to 30 years together, no matter the anniversary, shower your spouse with the admiration of a floral bouquet. Whether you are delivering the flowers in person or having them delivered, it is the thought that counts when celebrating a milestone like this. Every February 14th, floral shops around the world receive orders for red roses. When this time comes, you know Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Forget red roses, the traditionally associated flower of love, and send a bouquet that is sure to surprise them and put a smile on their face.

Another major life milestone is the birth of a baby. Whether it’s your own baby or that of a family friend you can show your admiration, as well as celebrate the birth with flowers. Lilies and orchids make great baby celebration bouquets.

Sometimes the people in our lives need a pick-me-up, which is why sending a bouquet of flowers is the perfect gift. If they are in the hospital recovering from an operation or if they have left and are on the mend at home, why not send them flowers to show them you are thinking of them? You can also send flowers to show that you are also wishing them a speedy recovery.

How to Send a Floral Bouquet

After you have gone through the process of finding that perfect cute flower arrangement, now comes the time to send them to their destination. With FloraQueen, once you have selected your floral arrangement, you have the option of adding a personalized card, a box of chocolates, or a stuffed animal. Not only can you choose from our many add-ons, but you can also choose to have your floral arrangement delivered in a vase. These personal touches can genuinely up the ante on your floral bouquet.

When choosing FloraQueen to send your flowers, there are a few things that you are going to need to ensure a smooth transaction.

The essential information you are going to require when sending cute flowers to friends and family in the world include:

* Name- Who are the flowers for?

* Address- Where are they going? Are you sending them to their home or their workplace?

* Contact number- This is good to provide the florist, as you never know if there are going to be delayed, or they are having trouble finding the desired destination.

* Date- When do you need the flowers delivered by? Are they time-sensitive, do they need to be there as soon as possible, or is there some flexibility?

Once you have thought and provided this information to FloraQueen, click, and await the response from your loved ones. The call may not end quickly but it is worth every bit of your time! No matter where you are, FloraQueen offers an online selection of flowers that makes sending bouquets online, as easy as walking into a floral shop.

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