5 Awesome Reasons To Surprise Someone With Flowers In March

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March is finally here bringing with it (in some places) the warmth and freshness of Spring. It is one of the best months to send flowers with wonderful celebrations from literally it’s very beginning and this year until it’s very last day. We look at 5 awesome reasons and occasions you should surprise someone with flowers in March.

St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick's green hat, beer and shamrock

The humble green shamrock may be the symbol of Ireland and St Patrick but that doesn’t mean other varieties of flowers won’t be appreciated on St Patrick’s Day. Help someone celebrate Ireland‘s national festival on March 17th with beautiful flowers and perhaps help soothe the hangover from the partying the day after.

Start of Spring

Beautiful field of colourful spring tulips

What could be more appropriate than to welcome the start of spring on the day of the equinox on March 20th 2018 with some beautiful colourful flowers. Historically the vernal equinox has been celebrated for millennia as nature again comes alive after the winter, so some spring flowers like tulips are a pretty good surprise to receive on this special day.

International Day of Happiness

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Rather appropriately in 2018 the Spring Equinox coincides with the annual International Day of Happiness on March 20th. There’s double the reason this year to make what is (arguably)  one of the happiest days of the year even more spectacular with a surprise bouquet for someone special.

National Fragrance Day (USA)

Small girl smelling flower

Spring is a time of fresh fragrances and generally nice smells (depending on how close to a farm you live). In the USA this is formalised properly with National Fragrance Day on March 21st (it’s quite a full week) recognising the positive influence that pleasant smells can bring to our day. A bouquet of fragrant roses or lilies are therefore a pretty good way to celebrate this day.


Easter eggs in grass

Squeezed in right at the end of March (Good Friday is on the 30th this year) is a perfect opportunity to surprise someone special to you with flowers. Easter is one of the most important spring festivals across the western hemisphere and flowers play a very big part in the decorations of homes, churches and local communities. If you’re unable to celebrate with your family for Easter this year then the gift of flowers on Easter weekend (and some chocolate of course) goes a long way to show you’re thinking of them.

These are just five of the times you can celebrate and surprise with flowers in March every year without forgetting of course other fantastic festivals like St David’s Day in Wales on the 1st of March or International Women’s Day on the March 8th. There may only be 31 days in March every year but there’s always a lot packed into it. What’s your favourite event to celebrate in March? Let us know in the comments!

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