How to Send Flowers to Someone

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The act of sending flowers to someone is something that has been done for ages. Flowers are very versatile because of the many meanings that they can convey. It is true that a meaning has not been attached to every flower. However, there is a great selection of flowers that do have a meaning attached to them.

Here, you can learn:

  • How to match an arrangement to the occasion
  • How to consider the space of the recipient
  • How to select your florist
  • How to send flowers

Some of these flowers have multiple meanings because there are variations of them that exist. Others wrap numerous meanings into a single variation. Whatever the case may be, there are many special occasions or other occurrences that call for the sending of flowers.

While people are aware of the potential of flowers, not everyone knows what to do to send them. There are five basic steps that go into the process. In this article, you can expect to learn about all of them, so you can have a smooth process.

Consider the Occasion and Floral Arrangement

Not doing this is akin to starting a journey to an unknown place with no map or GPS. It’s not impossible for you to find your way, but you are likely to get lost. Your reason for sending the flowers needs to be your guiding beacon during this selection phase.

It is recommended that you do some research to see which flowers are appropriate for which occasion. The florist that you are going to be dealing with can help with recommendations. However, you do not want to go into this process oblivious to the whole thing.

Once you are working based on the occasion, you may find that a few different flowers are appropriate. This allows you to begin conceptualizing an arrangement that you find suitable.

You can send a collection of a single flower if you wish. However, sending a varied arrangement can make quite the impression.

Consider the Recipient’s Space

This one can get a bit tricky, as you don’t always know what someone does with a gift upon receipt. This applies to flowers too, and it’s a consideration you need to make.

Consider where the person would put the flowers once they are received. Of course, this requires you to have some knowledge of the person’s immediate surroundings.

If your recipient does not have much space to house flowers, this must be a factor. Imagine the waste it would be to send a huge assortment for no reason. That’s not to say that the recipient wouldn’t care for it. However, space can’t be created out of thin air.

If you’re unaware of what kind of space the person is working with, then your best bet would be to shoot for an assortment that is on the small side. That way, any space can accommodate your beautiful gesture.

Verify the Recipient’s Information

The chances are that a florist is the one to handle the sending of the flowers. You may have committed the recipient’s contact and address information to memory. However, the same does not go for a florist.

Remember, this is no more than a job for the florist. So, whatever is used to send the package is nothing more than data. Therefore, the onus is on you to ensure that all the information you provide is correct.

Can you imagine the disaster it would cause if your perfect bouquet ended up in the wrong person’s hands? Surely you would not be pleased. However, if that was caused because of misinformation, then it would be your fault that things went south.

Take the time to carefully go over the crucial details, such as the person’s name, phone number, and address. Double-check and triple-check if you must.

Select Your Florist Wisely

This is another step at which everything can go downhill in an instant. If you give a poorly qualified person a job, don’t be surprised if it’s not executed very well. Your florist is the expert in the equation.

An expert with no expertise is a rookie by all accounts. Reviews are a great way to help you to make your choice here. Try to find a florist that has a great reputation and a high customer satisfaction rate.

Remember that not all florists allow you to have a peek at the arrangement before it heads to your recipient. So, you need to do what you can to ensure that the florist you have selected is a good choice.

Good florists also always go the extra mile to use fresh flowers in their arrangements. It makes your gift of flowers stand out even more.

Send Your Order

Depending on the florist you use and the way you place the order, this could happen in different ways. For example, some florists allow you to do the whole process online while others do not.

Whatever the case may be, it’s now time to put everything together to send the order off. Be thorough as you provide the necessary information to have the delivery done. All the things you should have verified in the previous steps come into play here.

You should also ensure that you collect all the information you need from the florist at the earliest convenience. You need to find out the cost, the delivery charge, the expected delivery date, etc. Remember to find out what happens in the event of a discrepancy.

Such a policy could be your best friend or your worst enemy. Once you’re satisfied, make the payment, and let your recipient be wowed.


This article should have taught you all you need to know about the wonderful process of sending flowers to someone.

First, you must keep your reason for sending the flowers at the heart of your selection process. Get recommendations and do research based on this.

Next, choose your arrangement based on the space the person has. If you’re unsure, get a small one.

The next step is to verify all the contact details, so the flowers aren’t sent to the wrong person or place.

After that, check out the florist’s reputation to ensure you have a real expert in your corner.

Finally, give the florist all the required information, collect the information you need, and make your order.

With all this, you should be able to make someone’s day with ease!

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