How To Make An International Flower Delivery And What to Expect

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You’ve probably noticed that we’re quite proud of our ability to deliver flowers to over 100 countries around the world. If you’ve never tried sending flowers around the globe you’re probably wondering what it takes to make a delivery a success and what actually happens to get your bouquet to its destination. We’re going to explain all today and demystify how to make an international flower delivery and what you should expect.

Step 1: Making the initial order

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This the only part you really need to worry about when sending bouquets around the world. No matter if you’re sending flowers from the United States to China or from Australia to the UK the process is broadly the same. Once you’ve chosen the bouquet that’s just right for you, most flower delivery companies only really need to know these 3 things. Where it’s going, when it’s going to arrive and if you want to add something extra to improve the surprise.

How to send a bouquet to another country:

  • Let us know when it will arrive: Flower deliveries should be flexible, so we’ve provided the most possibilities for you. We allow you to send flowers on the same-day or the next day in many countries if your surprise is super urgent. Although when you send it is more or less totally up to you.
  • Tell us where it will be delivered: We, like many florists, ask customers to provide us with a name, an address (of course) and a telephone number. We need the last one for just in case there’s an issue finding the delivery location.
  • Add something extra: For some people, flowers aren’t enough as a gift. Luckily many flower delivery companies are experts in surprise gifts and offer a lot more. With FloraQueen, for instance, you can upgrade your order with vases, wine, chocolates, soft toys and much more.
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Step 2: Arranging the bouquet

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Once your order is made, then it’s time for the florist to get to work. This may vary a little based on the company you’re using and the country you’re delivering to. For example with companies like Interflora, deliveries are prepared and sent by local florists in flower shops around the world.

We also do that for many of our orders but also offer the option of delivering flowers hand-prepared by our own master florists. We have bouquet creation centres across Western Europe. This allows us to send our specially prepared floral arrangements directly to your loved ones on the continent.

In both cases, your bouquet will be prepared no more than 48 hours in advance of delivery and composed of the freshest flowers.

Step 3: Delivery

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Depending on the type of order chosen in step 2 your surprise will either be delivered by the florist themselves or by courier. When we deliver flowers by courier we normally send a pre-prepared bouquet in our branded box with a little water and food to keep it fresh on its travels.

In the case of a delivery made by a local florist, they might use a local courier to get your arrangement to your special someone’s home. Sometimes, however, the florist may deliver the bouquet themselves or using their own delivery van.

Step 4: Surprises and smiles

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This is easily the best part of any international flower delivery. The arrival of your fresh flowers to the home of your loved one. Whether it’s a complete surprise or they’re expecting it. There’s no feeling quite as exhilarating as seeing the bouquet for the first time in all its glory.

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What to do if something goes wrong:

Whilst it’s something everyone does their best to avoid, something things don’t go to plan. If this happens to you. Don’t panic! There’s always help on hand. At FloraQueen all you need to do is make contact with our customer service team if your flowers haven’t arrived or you want to make a change to an order, they’ll help you investigate and find a solution.

Flower deliveries are nothing new, but sending them over such long distances has certainly come a long way. Luckily today, wherever you are in the world surprising with flowers has never been easier.

The busiest days of the year for florists around the world:

Extra tips for ordering a flower delivery to a destination abroad:

  • Save money by ordering over three days in advance and delivering Monday-to-Friday.
  • For big national holidays in your delivery location, it can be a good idea to deliver flowers a few days before the special occasion as many florists will be extra busy or closed on the day itself.
  • If your delivery destination has a door code, is a place of work or a hospital be sure to specify any extra instructions for finding the recipient before confirming the order.
  • If you send flowers abroad regularly try joining FloraClub our exclusive member’s club to set reminders for special dates throughout the year and to get free extras.
  • Track your order easily right from our website.
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