When To Impress With A Flower Delivery In India

India Flower delivery

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India is a land of flowers where they not only grow in abundance but are enjoyed far and wide. When it comes to a flower delivery in India there are naturally lots of perfect opportunities to impress with a bouquet delivered directly to someone’s door.

With many Indians living overseas or far from their families all over the world, flower deliveries are an ideal way to show a loved one that they are always on your mind. Not to mention the country being one of the top travel destinations in the world. India also has no shortage of festivities throughout the year. However, we’ve identified a few special cases when a flower delivery could really make the difference as a surprise gift.

When Indian Flower Deliveries will impress most:


diwali candles

The annual festival of light, celebrated on November 9th in 2018, is an ideal time to surprise with flowers. Giving gifts, lighting up a home and beautiful floral decorations are all key parts of this festivity, making a bouquet delivery a great choice for a Diwali present.

Holi Festival

holi festival

Holi is festival that celebrates the beginning of spring (usually falling between late February and mid March) and does so in a huge displays of colour. If you’re away from a family member who’s celebrating, or is visiting India for the festival, then joining in yourself with a colourful surprise of flowers is a great way to feel closer together.

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Onam flowers

This late summer festival, taking place between late August and early September, celebrates the annual harvest with competitions, parades and, of course, flowers. One of the highlights of the festival is a flower carpet, which locals traditionally adorned with locally picked flowers but now take advantage of the many pop-up flower vendors. If you want to add your own message in flowers then this is surely one of the times of the year in India to do it.


Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are known for being lavish affairs full of bright colour and beautiful flowers. As such, this makes a wedding an ideal time to deliver a bouquet of sturdy flowers such as gerberas or chrysanthemums to toast the happy couple.

What are the most popular flowers in India?

In many way India is a perfect country to deliver a bouquet to. It boasts a natural abundance of local flowers and is a nation that knows how to celebrate all year round.

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