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India is a travel destination that never fails to impress all who visit it. Flowers in India play an important role in the tradition and culture of this country. They are part of many ceremonies, are placed in the hair of women, and are used to decorate the porches of houses as well, which gives much color and life to the country’s landscape. In fact, India flowers are very popular, and sending flowers to India is extremely common and widespread. FloraQueen facilitates flower deliveries to any of the cities mentioned below, thanks to flower delivery India and FloraQueen's international flower delivery. We don't stop there though, you can also send gifts to India from USA or anywhere in the world.

Mumbai is the largest and most populous city in India, city of great contrasts with its tall buildings and charming places. In Mumbai, jasmine flower is considered a perfect gift –both of great use in traditional Indian weddings, and as gifts of flowers to your loved ones.

Delhi is a city that fascinates every visitor, a mixture of chaos and calm. Here you can find impressive monuments and lush gardens, besides the well-known Taj Mahal. It will not be difficult to find the lotus flower in any of its gardens. Of particular importance in the country’s mythology, the lotus flower is the perfect gift for a flower delivery to Delhi from FloraQueen.

Known as the "Garden City", Bangalore is known for its large number of public parks, including the Lal Bagh and Cubbon Son Park. Bangalore is also a city of great musical and theatrical tradition, where shipments of flowers play a very important role, since they are responsible for giving much color and life to the streets of the city.

Kolkata always leaves lasting memories in those who visit it. In it you can find one of the most important botanical gardens in India and visit the Great Banyan Tree, 210 years old. With such a big floral influence, it is not surprising that deliveries of flowers to Kolkata are so frequent, and that FloraQueen’s international flower delivery service is of so much help.

Chennai is the fifth most populous city in India, of great importance for its automobile industry and also known by the nickname of "Detroit of South Asia". With five million residents, the large number of flower deliveries to India with Chennai city as a destination is not surprising at all.

This city is known for its tranquility and the great friendliness of its people. Ahmedabad is an attractive tourist destination known for its cuisine and customs. Sending flowers to Ahmedabad is very common and very frequent in this town that hosts several small Buddhist ceremonies, in which Tulsi leaves and mango blossoms will intoxicate you with their fragrance and color.

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