Offer Apology Flowers to Your Dearest People to Ask for Forgiveness

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From the beginning of time, people around the world have used flowers in a large number of situations, such as wishing a happy birthday, expressing their emotions and love, and especially apologizing when they have to. It is very important to be attentive while choosing a specific flower, especially when it comes to apologizing to a specific person.

In this article, we are going to discuss apology flowers and give you pieces of advices you may use, by following these points:

* The Importance of Apologizing.
* The History of the Language of Flowers.
* What Is the Meaning of Each Type of Flowers?
* What Are the Perfect Types of Flowers to Say Sorry?
* What Is the Best Place to Buy Apology Flowers?
* How to Take Care of Flowers?

The Importance of Apologizing

Apologizing is one of the bravest and noble acts to do. It demands a lot of courage and respect. It represents an important and necessary ritual to fix your mistakes in relationships and to disarm other people of their anger against you.

Apologizing has a large number of benefits especially emotional ones because it opens the door to forgiveness by having empathy for the person who hurt us. It helps to move on, to forget the past and the bad memories. It is also a good way to remove shame we may feel about ourselves if we have hurt someone.

For that, when you have to apologize, you should show your regret for causing trouble. You can show your awareness and your responsibility for your actions by using several methods; flowers can be one of them. However, do not forget that the best way to fix a relationship is by talking and fixing the problem.

The History of the Language of Flowers

In past centuries all over the world, especially in Asia and Europe, the language of flowers has been ranked as one of the best languages that a person can use to express feelings like love, apology, and pure friendship.

For good reasons, flower meanings are present in mythologies no matter their origins. Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, and Greek people used to use flowers especially when they had to apologize. Since that time, this tradition became one of the world’s habits to express their apologies and pure feelings.

What Are the Perfect Types of Flowers to Say Sorry?

Flowers have a rich language. For instance, the amaryllis is the symbol of pride and happiness. Sweet basil means that you have good wishes for the receiver. To tell your partner how much you passionately love him or her, you should offer him or her a bouquet of red roses. If you want to tell someone that he is adorable, you should offer him white camellia.

Columbine flower means foolishness. White chrysanthemum stands for the truth. This means that if you want to confess a secret or to apologize, the white chrysanthemum is your best choice. Lotus flower symbolizes rebirth, self-regeneration, and purity. Lily stands for beauty and charm. To tell your girlfriend that you adore her, you should give her a sunflower. Red tulip means passion, powerful emotions, and sensations. Finally, wallflower is synonymous with faithfulness in adversity.

What Are the Perfect Types of Flowers to Say Sorry?

Each flower has its meanings because it depends on its color and the specific timing that you choose to offer them to that person who waits for you to apologize.

For example, pink flowers are used for expressing love, gratitude, and big appreciation. It is a good option to say thank you and sorry at the same time if you messed up with someone. Yellow flowers like gerberas, orchids, and yellow roses express joy and friendship. They are also used to apologize, especially to a very close friend after a real bad misunderstanding. White and light pastel colors of flowers mean sympathy, virtue, pureness of love, and are perfect for apologies.

You can buy lilies or roses because they are the best way to say sorry to your girlfriend or boyfriend. A bouquet of those flowers could fix all the problems, which happened between the other person and you.

What Is the Best Place to Buy Apology Flowers?

To apologize for a misunderstanding, a problem you did, or something you said that hurt your close friend or someone dear to you, the best thing to do is to offer him or her a fresh bouquet that is well organized, and try to talk to clear out the misunderstanding.

For that, it is preferred to buy flowers from flower shops, because they are known for their high competences of preparing beautiful bouquets that are well arranged. The florists do this job with a lot of love, attention, and responsibility. They spend all their days picking up flowers, removing thorns, cleaning them, and arranging them in such wonderful forms and shapes.

One of the best places to buy fresh flowers online is FloraQueen. This platform is very famous because of wonderful service, the high quality of bouquets, and the facilities to allow you to apologize perfectly with fresh flowers.

How to Take Care of Flowers?

The first thing to do is to immediately unpack the flowers and put them in water. Then, you should remove their foliage by cutting off the extra ones. After that, cut the stems but be sure that you let your flowers sit long enough to absorb water and minerals. Grab a vase after washing it very carefully with soap and hot water. Put the flowers on it and add new water. Change the water regularly before offering the bouquet to someone to apologize to him.

Apology flowers are beautiful, full of meaning, and have a big importance in our daily life. This act should be ritual and normal to make our lives go on with a peaceful mind.

Fortunately, there is a large number of flowers suited for apologizing. You can choose the best type based on the person who is going to receive them and the problem between both of you.

For example, deep red roses are the best classic choice to show your partner how much you need her to accept your sincere apologies and to forgive you. White camellia is the best to apologize to your boss at work or your friend, and pink roses are perfect to apologize to your parents.

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