What are the 5 best flowers to give to men?

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When you’re thinking about what would be the perfect gift to send the men in your life, do flowers spring to mind? Whilst many people would look elsewhere before considering flowers, every year increasingly more men are receiving flowers from their partners and family; so clearly flowers are becoming a much more popular gift option for men. They are a great romantic gesture but can also just add a touch of nature to his office or bedside table. After all, sending flowers is simply showing someone how important they are to you be it on their birthday, Father’s Day or just as a spontaneous sign of affection. Read on to find out some great ideas for flowers for men that you can gift something special to those special men.

5 flowers for men

white orchid

White orchids are a great gender neutral plant making it one of the best flowers for men. They radiate a wonderful sense of calm to their surroundings, which makes it a great flower to have on a desk at work to create a relaxed working atmosphere. A study carried out in the University of Michigan discovered that having orchids near your place of work also increase concentration, productivity and memory retention by 20%. So, gifting an orchid is a great idea for any man in your life as he should see improvements in his performance at work! With all these benefits in addition to its exotic good looks and sophistication, what is not to like?

Orchid men flowers for men

Red chrysanthemums

Why do we think that these make a great choice when sending flowers to a man? Well, having spoken with some of our male customers, they have told us that for them bouquets must be bold with strong shapes and colours, such as red, orange and yellow. They emphasised how they were much less keen on flowers made up of pastel colours and overly frilly arrangements. For this reason we would really recommend sending a bouquet of these bold, red chrysanthemums.

Did you know that chrysanthemums are said to represent friendship? Therefore, these would be the perfect flower to thank that man who has been by your side through thick or thin, be it your father, brother or partner. To find out more about the meaning behind each type of flower, take a look here

chrysanthemums flowers for men

birds of paradise

This tropical flower is a great option when sending flowers to a man. It can be said that men look for flowers that are more striking than elegant and this flower with its truly remarkable appearance, which resembles a brightly coloured bird whilst it is in flight, really fits the bill. This is a truly unique flower which will really make heads turn and this makes it one of the great flowers for men.

flowers for men birds of paradise

Peace lily

These are one of the best first flowers for men who aren’t used to having one to look after. All that a peace lily requires to stay healthy is a nice shady spot and watering once a week, that’s a pretty hard routine to mess up! The plant itself is also very aesthetically pleasing with their beautifully delicate white blooms, whilst they even help to purify the air by removing harmful gases. Taking all this into account, a peace lily seems like the ideal flower to give to any man.

Peace lily men flowers for men


A flower which never fails to bring a smile to someone’s face is the gerbera. It’s such a colourful flower, and for this reason it is said to represent cheerfulness. This therefore makes it a wonderful flower to gift to a man because what you are doing is gifting a smile, and who doesn’t want to receive one of them?

This joyfullness is why the Gerbera is our flower of the month for March, when we are all full of the joys of spring.

gerbera flowers for men

Having seen these suggestions, the next time one of you are sending gifts to the men in your life, will you be sending flowers online? Which of these do you think they will love most?

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