Give a fruity touch to your Christmas table!

mesa navidad FloraQueen EN Give a fruity touch to your Christmas table!

Christmas is here and with it comes a string of family gatherings with tables laden with culinary delights: canapés, meat and fish dishes and, above all, copious amounts of sweet things. Let’s not fool ourselves, Christmas celebrations revolve around food, which is why we wish to suggest some really tasty decorating ideas.

Christmas tree made out of fruits

After your mother has lovingly served second helpings of each dish and before you indulge in lashings of dessert, it’s time for fruit. And why shouldn’t this moment be as Christmassy as the rest of the meal?

All you need to create an eye-catching and scrumptious dessert is an apple for the base, a carrot, some toothpicks and a variety of fruit. Wow your guests and decorate your table with this striking and healthy Christmas tree. Add the star on top and it’s ready to savour!

Strawberry Santa

Father Christmas can also make an appearance at your table in the form of a fruit-inspired dessert. How about serving this little cake disguised as Santa Claus? It’s really easy to make!

You can always go for more traditional decoration with the classic Christmas centrepiece, made from fir branches, pine cones, apples and Christmas baubles, finished off with a red bow and a large white candle. The perfect touch for your Christmas table!

White Christmas Centrepiece - FloraQueen

And if none of the above ideas take your fancy, why not decorate your Christmas table with the plant of the season? The poinsettia is a Christmas classic with which you can’t go wrong!

And how do you decorate your Christmas table? What’s your secret? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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