10 Amazing Christmas Bouquet Ideas For Xmas 2018

10 amazing bouquets for xmas 2018 title card

As Christmas 2018 gets closer everything starts getting a lot more festive. A Christmas bouquet is no exception and like at any time of the year an arrangement for flowers has its own distinct feel. This is especially true when it comes to the changing seasons and winter festivals. Incorporating elements like pine, holly and traditional Christmas decorations they’re bright, bold and full of seasonal cheer to warm the coldest of winters.

We’ve scoured the web for inspiration and have selected a few of our absolute favourites of the holiday season:

1. Lisianthus and Alstroemerias

Sparkles bouquet

It’s amazing what some well-placed pine, lisianthus and alstroemerias can achieve. With this bright red, white and green Christmas arrangement strategically placed among classic yuletide decorations, you’ll really capture the beauty of the winter season.

2. White Amaryllis and Cotton Flowers

White bouquet of cotton flowers and amaryllis

Snowy, white and backed with a little winter greenery, it seems as if there’s been a snow shower. With the help of the soft fluffy cotton flowers, white amaryllis and pine and traditional baubles you can enjoy a White Christmas indoors during the holiday season of 2018.

3. White Poinsettia

Christmas Bouquet of pine and mixed colour poinsettia


Poinsettia may not officially be a flower, but it does a very good job of imitating them. Poinsettias come in many colours and in this case the bouquet makes good use of the white and red variant to make a snowy bouquet. It is further complimented by frosty tipped pine branches and decorative cones to really conjure up a wintry feel.

4. Red Lilies, Chrysanthemums and Pinecones

Festive bouquet of pinecones carnations and red lilies

Combining the festive colours of red and green, with a little yellow for good measure. This pine branch backed decorated bouquet of lilies, and chrysanthemum, set against Christmas berries.

5. Red Roses in a Candy Cane Vase

Red roses in candy cane vase


Proof as ever that adding a few candy canes can make any bouquet that little bit more christmassy. This approach takes classic flowers, some Christmas greenery and then uses the candy canes to construct a very sweet decorative vase (with the help of some ribbon too).

6. White Roses and Red Alstroemeria

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Amaryllis and white roses make the perfect partners in this elegant and graceful combination. Combining yuletide reds and whites, the soft delicate petals are offset against the spiky pine greenery.

7. White and Red Chrysanthemums with Callas and Roses

Harmony: Roses and Callas bouquet

Christmas is all about vibrant reds and snowy whites in bouquets. This particular arrangement captures just that with the help of distinctive white calla lilies, red roses peppered with not only red but white chrysanthemums. All of this is brought together with decorative greenery and a little gypsophila for good measure.

8. Red Roses and Amaryllis

Bouquet of red roses and amaryllis

Christmas decorations often use lots of red colours and here that is certainly the case. Taking advantage of the natural hues of red roses and amaryllis this blushing red bouquet will add a warm emotional touch to your decor.

9. Red Carnations and Candy Canes

Christmas bouquet of carnations pinecones and candy canes


Proof, as if it were needed, that candy canes have more uses than just as a sweet treat. Here the classic elements of this Christmas bouquet are enhanced by a few well-placed candy cane toppers. To add a little more synchronicity the vase is also emblazoned with an eye-catching, stripey candy cane inspired design.

10. Classic White Roses and Red Winter Berries

White roses, with winter berries in a glass vase


As we’ve seen before, roses aren’t just for Valentine’s Day and suit the holiday season pretty well too with some simple modifications to your arrangement. As we can see here that simplicity is captured perfectly with a few red winter berries and (of course) pine branches to create an elegant bouquet.

So that’s our pick for December this year. Do you agree with our choices? Tell us in the comments below.

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