Awkward Christmas Cards To Make You Cringe This December

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December is here and with it the slew of family Christmas cards that soon follows. While the traditional giving of Xmas cards would seem like a tradition on the way out thanks to Facebook and Instagram. There is still one style of card that is going strong: the awkward Christmas card.

Whether an authentic act of cringe or an intentional parody of every hideous photo card sent by your family to bewildered relatives they’ve become a staple of the Christmas season. To get into the spirit of that ourselves we’ve been on the lookout for the best (worst) Cringemas cards we could find. We found there were a few recurring themes running through each toe-curling example. Here’s our attempt to list them.

What are the ingredients of an awkward Christmas card?

Jumpers that will melt your eyes

Christmas jumpers have been around for years and certainly aren’t going anywhere soon. That, unfortunately, means the loudest and most garish examples often end up in the family portrait Christmas card.

Their eyes are probably shut due to the bright red glare emitting from these hideous sweaters, which incidentally should stay in the wardrobe 365 days a year.

This probably constitutes animal cruelty, as well as crimes against humanity.

The sad thing is quite a lot of work probably went into that design.

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Questionable photoshopping

Photo editing is nothing new but with easier access to tools like Photoshop, it’s a skill that’s spreading. Sadly not everyone who wields Photoshop is a designer and the results don’t always live up to their ambitions.

It’s quite likely that nuts have a restraining order against him.

It really captures that feel of the Phantom Zone from Superman.

Pets! So many pets!

People love animals. They’re part of the family in most cases. That, of course, means that our furry friends often make cameo appearances in Christmas cards. However, as we’ll see, that isn’t always for the best.

It’s nice that they showed solidarity with their dog but he probably wishes his owners hadn’t bothered.

In this house, we worship the Cat God and his three dog-ciples.

This pug got a hug he wasn’t expecting.

“Hilarious” family skits

A photocard really is the opportunity to show off your comedy chops. Unfortunately, as many of us aren’t born with the wit of Steven Fry with the edge of George Carlin the result is, well, underwhelming.

Those kids aren’t acting.

This may be an attempt at ironic humour but it might be possible there’s a little too much Christmas in this photo even for a Christmas card.

Hopefully, someone kept the receipt.

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Despite the cringe-worthy examples above, we don’t think Christmas cards are dead just yet. Choose from one of our cute seasonal designs to accompany one of our winter bouquets this December, to show your loved ones how meaningful a well-picked card can be. 

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