Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas Decorations

Another year is coming to an end and that means that another Christmas is almost here. One of the world’s most celebrated and popular holidays Christmas is rich in tradition! One of those traditions loved by all is that of decorating your home for this festive holiday, it is no surprise that home decoration has become more and more popular and involved over the last few years. With the decorations spreading from the tree inside your home to the roofs of neighborhood houses. It can be hard to keep up with the ever changing trends when it comes to what decorations to use this year. Do you want to go all out with an extensive light show? Or keep it simple with classy wreaths and garlands? The options are endless and the style choices innumerable so we have put together a few of the top decoration ideas for Christmas 2016, so that you look stylish and modern just in time for the holidays.

The Christmas Tree

Let’s start with the most iconic and essential Christmas decoration, the tree. This year keep things simple, instead of piling on every ornament you have ever owned try to keep it to just a few of your favorite ones, the ones that have a special meaning or sentiment. Then choose a modern color scheme for the tree, we suggest white and gold, it is simple and classy and will look very modern and stylish. Once you have chosen your color then begin filling in the empty spaces on the tree with ornaments or lights of these colors. This way you combine the sentiment of your saved ornaments along with a clean modern look, resulting in the best looking tree your family has seen yet. We love the look of these simple yet classic ornaments and tree decorations, they are not too overwhelming but still have a strong Christmas spirit about them! Christmas Decorations shutterstock_522244768 (1)


Table and Mantle Decorations

We have all been guilty of filling our homes with old decorations, new decorations, Christmas cards, candles and any other festive knick knacks that we find and like. While this can be fun and cute it often looks cluttered and overdone, not to mention it can be a fire hazard. So to keep up with the trends, and safety regulations we have a few suggestions. Firstly pick only a few select areas of the house to decorate. For example, the mantle and a bookcase or the dining table and the foyer. It is not necessary to cover every square inch of your home with a festive item, remember less is more! Again keep to a color scheme, if you are going to go with red stockings over the fireplace then use simple red decorations in your other areas as well. If you using gold or silver on your tree perhaps spray paint a few pine cones those same colors and add them to your decoration areas. Simple greenery is always stylish as well, perhaps add a small evergreen or poinsettia to your table scape for a lively stylish touch. If you can carry the same color combinations throughout the house and avoid over cluttering with unnecessary items then you are guaranteed to have a winning look. Here are a few decoration inspiration pics that we love!


Christmas Decorations Christmas Decorations Christmas Decorations


The options for your Christmas decorations are truly endless and of course at the end of the day you want your home to match your style and tastes, something that you are excited to come home to! The holiday season is about love, joy and giving so don’t get hung up on having the best looking house on the block, enjoy your time with family friends and have a merry Christmas!

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