Things to Know about Flowers to Send to a Funeral

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A funeral is a hard experience for everyone: Losing someone dear to our heart is painful and sometimes even destroying. Showing support and compassion to your beloved ones in these moments of weakness and sadness is essential, as the grieving pain can sometimes be arduous to bear and can result in physical aches and sickness.

You can choose different ways to show your sympathy. One of them is offering flowers, as they are the best tools to express feelings. They are, most of the time, an integral part of funerals because of their symbolism and meaning.

You surely do not want to make any mistake while choosing your flowers. This act of pure love and care has some rules you should be aware of. We invite you to learn them with us, step by step, in the next few points:

* Popular Flowers to Choose to Send for a Funeral
* Other Flowers to Send for a Funeral
* How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Funeral Bouquet?
* Guide on What Flower to Offer for a Funeral
* Add a Personal Note with Your Funeral Bouquet

Popular Flowers to Choose to Send for a Funeral

Sending flowers to a funeral is an excellent way to express your sympathy. You can choose a large number of flowers with different meanings suitable for grieving occasions.

We suggest that you choose lilies, because they symbolize innocence and purity, along with the radiance of the soul. The best color to choose is the white one.

Another alternative could be roses. This worldwide best-seller can be suitable for grieving occasions. Red roses are perfect for expressing deep love and unmeasurable respect for the defunct, while pink ones are a sign of appreciation and grace. The most appropriate variant is the white rose because it expresses innocence and pure love.

FloraQueen can accompany you in this hard experience and help you lighten the load by making for you the best arrangement of flowers. We suggest you our “White Touch” made of lilies and roses, or our “Big Red Funeral Wreath.”

Other Flowers to Send for a Funeral

Your range of choice is not limited at all, even for a funeral. You can choose the chrysanthemum, for example. White chrysanthemums symbolize grief in Asian countries. If you are mourning someone who has shown strength in his life, the gladiola is an excellent choice to send the family. It is a great sympathy flower.

Carnations are a very popular choice for funerals. These fragrant and long-lasting flowers represent innocence and purity when they are white. Rose variations express thoughts of remembrance. We suggest you choose the “Big Carnation Wreath” or the “Big Wreath Roses and Carnations” in our collection.

If you wish to express a message like “I will always love you,” we advise you to choose an orchid. You can find different colors; however, the best ones for a funeral are white, purple, and pink.

You can have a look at our funeral collection to find the appropriate composition to show sympathy and express pure feelings.

How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Funeral Bouquet?

Flowers’ meaning often depends on their colors. For this specific reason, you need to know what each color expresses. You can see from the following lines that colors have obvious and instinctive significations. Thus it is not going to be hard for you to mesmerize them.

Red is the best symbol of passionate love. This color is often reserved for the spouse and the most intimate relationships.

Bright colors like yellow or orange illustrate the joy of the deceased and all the positive energy they had in life. You can use these colors to honor the memory of the defunct and highlight all the positive actions he has done during his life.

Pink expresses tenderness, honest friendship, and nostalgia while purple evokes spirituality, sadness, and serenity. They are often used in combination with white flowers, the best symbol of purity and innocence.

Guide on What Flower to Offer for a Funeral

Often, the closest family members of the deceased choose red roses to express eternal love and deep feelings. In most cases, it is the choice of the wife or husband of the deceased. If the deceased is a child, white flowers are the most convenient.

Lilies and white roses are appropriate to express eternal friendship and pure love. Thus, you can send them if you were a close friend to the deceased. Alternatively, you can choose your flowers depending on his or her personality or personal taste. This is one of the best ways to honor the memory of the person who passed on.

If the deceased is an acquaintance, we may advise you to choose carnations, because they are the best flower to show a respectful and discreet tribute. However, if you had many happy memories with the deceased, you can send brightly-colored flowers.

Add a Personal Note with Your Funeral Bouquet

There is no doubt that your flowers can speak for you. However, for sensitive occasions like funerals, it is better if you add a personal touch. Because we know that, sometimes, it is hard to find the right words, here are a few suggestions, hoping they could inspire you.

The simplest words are the most consoling. For the loved ones, you can opt for a warm formula, like “my heart goes out to you” or “With all the tenderness on this difficult day”.

You can also choose a more traditional formula like “I offer my sincere condolences on this difficult day.” or “My heart goes out to you and offers my sincere condolences.”

Your personal note could also include messages like “May these flowers celebrate the reflection of his life, light, and love” or “We’re very sorry for your loss. These flowers are kind words that are hard to find in this time of sadness.”

To conclude, funerals are hard experiences. You need to show your sympathy, compassion, and respect to the family that is suffering from the loss. Your flowers can be your best ally to show unmeasurable support. However, you have to choose them wisely. From the type of blooms, their colors, or the form of your flower arrangement, every detail counts.

FloraQueen has a vast collection of funeral flowers to send, and our delivery service is one of the best. Do not forget to add a personal note to your bouquet. Your condolence message should be brief, short, and concise.

Finally, do not lose sight of the person you honor. Try to make your flowers and your message representative of a life worth remembering with many memories and positive impact.

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