5 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make When Sending Flowers

5 Mistakes You Dont Want To Make When Sending Flowers FloraQueen EN 5 Mistakes You Don't Want To Make When Sending Flowers

Sending a bouquet of flowers is always done with the best of intentions, however, sometimes things can go very awry. Luckily, for the most part, sending flowers is a smooth process and with a few steps of care, your delivery will go without a hitch. To help you avoid any flower delivery upsets, we’ve highlighted five mistakes you don’t want to make when sending flowers.

Getting the address wrong (or sending to the wrong person)

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This is an issue that’s sadly all too common. A small error in the line of an address, a wrong door number or a miswritten postcode is often the cause of disappointment when sending flowers.

This can cause an order to go wrong for many reasons. Firstly the florist may simply arrive at the wrong house. Additionally, a mistyped address can also cause issues with the localisation systems used by couriers. If the courier can’t trace the address this could lead to your bouquet not even be dispatched from logistic centres for final delivery.

Tip: Always carefully double check the address you’ve written. If you notice a mistake after paying, remember you can always contact our customer services team to rectify the error.

Forgetting a message

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Whilst, not the biggest mistake of them all not adding a message to your bouquet might lead your recipient to wonder who sent their surprise. This is especially the case if you’re making a romantic gesture. Don’t miss the opportunity to let your loved one know exactly who exactly sent their surprise flowers.

Remember: You can add a written message to your FloraQueen bouquet for free.

Scheduling delivery for the wrong day

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Uh oh, this is another common mistake when making an online flower delivery. We know it’s tricky remembering dates sometimes but when a celebration is important then you don’t want to get the delivery date wrong.

Remember: If you’re a member of our FloraClub service we can remind you when your special celebrations are approaching.

Sending flowers someone hates

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Whether your recipient is allergic to lilies or simply thinks red roses are pretentious, sending the wrong type of flowers is a big error.

Flowers can say a lot to your special someone. However, if you send blooms that your loved one hates, or worse, communicate feelings like resentment, pity or friendship instead of love, you can quite easily cause offence instead of joy.

Tip: Ask a mutual friend or family member if your recipient has any preferences. Alternatively, try to subtly find out from the recipient themselves.

Ordering your flowers at the very last minute

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Surprises often happen last minute (which is why we can deliver within 24 hours in most countries). However, sometimes super last minute orders may cause issues for deliveries that need to urgently arrive on time.

This is especially true in the case of deliveries just before public holidays and celebrations like Christmas. It’s equally true to say that ordering Valentine’s Day flowers at 11 pm on February 13th could lead to disappointment due to how busy florists get on February 14th itself.

Tip: Try and order your delivery at least three working days before your recipient’s celebration. More if your bouquet is being delivered on the weekend or just in time for a big local festivity. Your order is more likely to arrive and it’s cheaper too.

Hopefully, you’re now prepared to order flowers like an expert. Remember if you’re delivering with us and anything slips up, our customer service team is always here to help. Let us know the biggest mistake you’ve ever made when sending flowers or a gift in the comments below.

FloraQueen is your go-to flower delivery service in over 100 countries around the globe. Never miss the opportunity to surprise your loved ones wherever you are in the world and whatever they’re celebrating.

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