Flowers for a Funeral Home

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When you walk into a funeral home, what is the first thing you smell? Notice? The first thing you notice when you walk into most funeral homes is the smell of flowers. Flowers are most often the first thing one notices when they enter a funeral home because flowers say what we often cannot. They represent our condolences and sympathies for the families of the bereaved. At FloraQueen, we offer an array of floral arrangements for funerals as well as flowers to show our condolences. 

One should be cautious, though, because it is not just any flower that one sees in a funeral home. There are individual flowers that are specifically meant for funeral and sympathy because these flowers convey a particular emotion and support that sometimes the families need. 

Flowers or Wreaths? 

The passing of a family member or friend can be very hard, which then makes preparing and choosing floral arrangements just as tricky. For funeral services, you have the option of going with floral arrangements or sprays. There is also the option to purchase wreaths for the service. Wreaths are purchased and placed beside the casket, and sometimes can have a ribbon that indicates the person who has passed, for example, uncle, father, or grandfather. 

If you are a guest or have been invited to a funeral service, a wreath may be too much, especially if the deceased is not someone personally close to you. Floral bouquets show that you care, and you are showing your support in their time of need. 

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Buying Flowers for a Funeral Home

Shopping with FloraQueen means you are going to be sending fresh cut flowers to the ceremony or the home of the deceased. They provide a soothing scent that is sometimes the best way to show you care. During the passing of a friend or family member, one’s mental health and well-being can go through a rollercoaster of ups and downs, which is why flowers make a great gift

If you are unsure about what flowers to get, or maybe you are not sure whether flowers are the best route to go, it is recommended that you contact the closest family member of the deceased to ask. The last thing you want is to send flowers that are not accepted or that the family does not want. It never hurts to ask. 

Flower Options to Choose From 

Unsure of which flowers to pick when it comes to sending flowers to a funeral home? FloraQueen makes the following recommendation for funerals for a funeral home. 


These flowers are the most commonly picked flowers for a funeral home. They are beautiful and have a sweet smell to them. Typically, lilies are placed around the individuals’ casket during the funeral service. The lily can represent many things, and depending on the culture and beliefs, it can vary. For some people, the lily represents purity, while others believe it to symbolize innocence. If you have never picked flowers for a funeral home before, you cannot go wrong with lilies as a floral choice. 


For some, the rose is often associated as the flower of choice to represent love. It’s a flower that is customarily given during Valentine’s Day or anniversaries; however, they are a beautiful flower to have displayed at a funeral home. The most common color of rose to send for a funeral service is red, as it represents love and grief, while the white roses symbolize spirituality and purity. Roses are an excellent choice for a funeral home.


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If you are not sure about sending flowers for a funeral home, then a floral arrangement to go to the family of the deceased is also good. A flower of choice to send a widow or parent of the bereaved are carnations. Carnations are great as a floral arrangement on their own or part of a larger bouquet. There are different colors to pick from when it comes to carnations. From red to yellow and white, they evoke emotions of innocence and affection. 

How Do I Place an Order? 

Looking to send flowers to a funeral home? Start by viewing our online catalog of flowers. Our flowers are organized by occasion, color, and flower type, which makes it easy when it comes to finding the perfect floral arrangement. 

Once you have found the perfect floral bouquet for the funeral service or to send as sympathy flowers, add it to the cart. The flowers do not come with a vase unless it is specified in the description. After you have selected your floral arrangement, you then have the option of adding a specific vase, as well as add-ons. Some add-ons that we offer are cards and stuffed animals. These little add-ons can turn any unique bouquet into something more. 

After you have made all your necessary selections for flower and a vase, then comes the completing of the forms. The forms help us send flowers to the destination. We encourage our clients to provide us with a contact number, should there be any issues during the delivery of the flowers, especially to a funeral home. 

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We understand that funerals are a sensitive time, which is why FloraQueen wants to make it as easy as possible.

Send Funeral Flowers with FloraQueen

With floral shops in over 100 countries, we are connected to an array of skilled florists who want to make sure that when it comes to sending flowers for a funeral, you send only the finest. No matter where you are or when you are looking to send flowers, we have your flower needs covered. Are you looking to send a specific flower? Don’t worry; we ensure our customers’ requests are met. 

Our skilled florists are artists who can take whatever your requests are and turn them into beautiful floral arrangements, whether they are for a funeral or as sympathy flowers. Don’t know much about flowers? Don’t worry; we offer an array of resources, posts, and client-representatives who can assist you every step of the way. 

Know someone who has recently passed away? Offer them your condolences through a beautiful floral arrangement by FloraQueen. From start to finish, you can view our vast collection of floral arrangements that are categorized by theme, color, and flower. 

FloraQueen understands that life can get busy, which is why we try to make flower delivery as easy as possible.