How to Send Flowers for Valentine’s Day

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This is an occasion when you really can’t attach an ‘I Love You’ to a reduced bunch of flowers from the local petrol station. Nor is it the time to quickly send a last minute token gesture; this has Valentine’s Fail written all over it and let’s face it – hardly romantic is it? Here’s how to send flower’s for Valentine’s Day and get it right. 

  • When to send Valentine’s flowers
    Make sure you plan ahead so you are not left without time to send the bouquet you want. Arrange with your florist in advance what it is exactly that you want to send to the recipient, this will allow you to plan out  whether you are sending roses, what they will look like and when and where they will be delivered. Also, your florist will appreciate you not calling them at 4:55pm on Valentine’s Day in a fluster. You can then sit back and spend Valentine’s Day knowing that at some point in the day your Valentine will have received something from you that made them smile.
  • Should you send flowers to the office?
    Send them to your Valentine’s workplace only if you are 100% sure that they will be well received. The moment they arrive will they cause your Valentine to blush and wish that a huge hole in the ground would swallow them up? Spare your recipients blushes and think very carefully before you do this. If you can’t give them in person then send them to the person’s home.
  • What kind of flowers to send on Valentine’s Day
    A dozen red roses is traditionally the romantic gesture to send to someone. Of course you don’t have to toe the line – you can be a little creative. Stepping away from the norm can show your Valentine that you are a little bit different to others and have put some extra special thought into what you want to send. Sending a wreath in a heart shape can speak volumes about what you want to say and also how much thought you have put into this as does sending a bouquet of unusual or mixed flowers. Adding a gift such as favourite chocolates, jewellery, Champagne or something you know they really want will make your action much more romantic.
  • Long Distance Love
    Valentine’s is the day traditionally sought to indulge your loved one with romantic gestures. What if your Valentine isn’t in the same country as you? How do you go about showering them with affection in this instance? It doesn’t have to be a huge overblown gesture purely because you can’t be with the person on this day. Small tokens of affection are often as well received as large ones. A single red rose arriving at someone’s home or work place on Valentine’s Day is often as well received as a large bouquet. It effectively sends the same message but shows sweetness too. This is also especially good for a fledgling relationship.
  • Get it write
    The card is what will sum it all up – What you put on the card will be the deal clincher. An amazing bouquet will impress but if the message on the card is dull and grey then that will take off the edge and leave your Valentine doubting if you really are the one for them. Don’t forget to at least hint who the flowers are from – otherwise they may assume they are from someone else and this is not what anyone wants!

So this Valentine’s Day there’s no excuse as to why you can’t send your Valentine a personalised bouquet, time it so it doesn’t look like an afterthought and choose what you want to send carefully. Consult your florist as to which flowers will suit the person best, if anyone knows flowers and understands Valentine’s gifting best then it’s a florist! Be sure to send it to the best location and write a heartfelt message. Following these fail safe tips will guarantee you a truly perfect Valentine’s Day – or at the very least a date!

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