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If your plan for this Valentine’s Day is to stay at home with your partner, both of you cuddling under the blanket on the sofa, you need to read this article! In it you will discover some little-known romantic films so you two can enjoy the thrill of a new love story on Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing like a good romantic film on this day to feel those butterflies in your stomach and those goose bumps again when the two main characters are about to have their first kiss. So, get the box of chocolates and the sparkling wine that you have chosen at FloraQueen to celebrate Valentine’s Day and get comfortable on the couch. Shhh! The movie is about to start!



A movie full of sensitivity that you can’t miss on Valentine’s Day. Delicacy tells the story of a French young woman, Natalie, who takes refuge in her job after the loss of her husband and love of her live in a traffic accident. For her, the idea of falling in love again is totally out of the question. But perhaps the tender gestures and innate gentleness of Markus, a coworker, may open the shell with which Natalie protects herself.



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Can you imagine what would happen if our world were split into two different parts with two different gravities? This is the main idea of the film, in which there is the upper world, where the privileged people live, and the lower world, where the living conditions are much humbler. In this scenario, Adam, from the lower sphere, and Eden, from the upper one, fall in love with each other when they are just kids, but their love is impossible due to the different gravities. However, Adam never forgets her and, ten years later, he invents a way to go see her in her world. Will he succeed?

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Jesse is a young American man who travels through Europe and, during his train journey from Budapest to Vienna, he meets an interesting French girl that is going back to Paris after visiting her grandmother in Hungary. Their great connection becomes clear at first sight, so much so that Jesse convinces Céline to spend a night in Vienna with him before continuing her way to Paris. A special night in the Austrian capital in which both characters share their most intimate thoughts about love, life, sex or death with an unusual complicity between two strangers. But morning comes and they must separate, will they ever see each other again?



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  1. (500) DAYS OF SUMMER

Tom is truly in love with love, he is convinced that relationships are written by fate. Summer, however, has a much more realistic and practical idea of love. When they meet in the office, he sees her as an unattainable girl, but little by little some things they both have in common come up and they start dating and, throughout 500 days, we can see all the stages in their relationship. Until the breakup comes and Tom doesn’t want to accept that it’s over. But then, he starts to appreciate certain small details of what they have lived, which he had never thought about due to his infatuation. Because, sometimes, love puts a blindfold over our eyes…


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Helen Quilley is a Londoner who has just got fired from her job and comes back home distraught. But, when taking the train, will she take the one at the same time as every day, or will she be late and wait for the next one? Depending on which one she takes she will arrive home early or late, where her husband is sleeping with someone else. The best thing about this film is that it allows us to see both versions, one where Helen doesn’t find out about her partner’s infidelity, and one where she does. Naturally, her life will be very different in each situation. How will this small train detail affect her existence? Is it a thing of chance or fate?

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After a painful breakup, Elisabeth decides to embark on a spiritual journey all over the United States working as a waitress to pay for it. From the New York lights and all along the Route 66, Elisabeth meets a number of people who share her story of emptiness and lonesomeness. Thanks to them, the young woman begins to achieve step by step what she is really seeking: finding herself. Join her on this fascinating journey!



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As the last movie of this list we are going to allow ourselves to include one that you probably know already, because it’s very famous. We’re sorry that we’re not very original about this, but there’s no Valentine’s Day without Amélie! A movie filled with romanticism, magical realism and with a very naïf-looking but brave lead character. Amélie works as a waitress in a café near Moulin Rouge, in Paris, and one day, despite her shyness, she feels predestined to help everybody around her who needs it. But one day in the subway she meets Nino, a nostalgic young man who collects the pieces of photographs from a photo booth to recompose the original images. Then, Amélie realizes how lonely her life is while she is caring about everyone else. It’s time for her to focus on herself and seek her way to happiness.



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What films from our list had you already seen? We hope we have made you discover many of them! If you ask us, without a doubt, our favorite is Amélie, which is yours? You don’t have an excuse anymore, enjoy the most romantic Valentine’s evening in your own home!

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