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Valentine’s Day is a day with so much love and liveliness in virtually every part of the world. With a theme centered around romance, passion, and affection, Valentine’s Day is one day you don’t want to miss celebrating with your loved ones. How do you make the most of this special day and make it enjoyable and memorable for your friends and family? You send them flowers that convey exceptional heartfelt messages to show them just how much they mean to you. Having said this, what are the flowers for Valentine’s Day that you can send to your loved ones? They are all here for you to find out. Keep reading this insightful article to learn:

  • Why you should send flowers on Valentine’s Day
  • About the best flowers for Valentine
  • Where to find flowers for Valentine
  • How to send flowers to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day… and a lot more.

Why Should You Send Flowers on Valentine’s Day?

Although not a public holiday in any country in the world, Valentine’s Day is a day held in high regard across the globe, and it’s a day for you to exhibit the love from within you and let go of your inhibitions. From your partner to your friend, mom, etc., you can send flowers to just about any one of your loved ones to share the love and happiness of Valentine’s Day; think about how surprised and excited they’d be if they received vibrant flowers and gifts that carry your name? Also, sending flowers for Valentine is a perfect way to connect with your loved ones whom you live far away from, hence recreating and strengthening the bond between you. Join the millions of people who are following the footsteps of Saint Valentine of Rome to share love and optimism around the world!

The Best Flowers for Valentine

From the red clothing to the stores decorated with hearts, Valentine’s Day is known for its colorfulness; given this, why don’t you make it more colorful with flowers that can uplift the mood of your loved ones! We have listed the best flowers for Valentine’s Day in this article, and they are as follows:

roses: Is there anyone who hasn’t seen or heard about roses before? Roses are very popular, and they are an integral part of Valentine’s Day celebration. They come in a variety of colors, with the one widely used for Valentine’s Day being the red rose. Red roses are a true depiction of the Valentine’s theme— love, affection, passion, to mention three.

Gerberas: Gerberas, also called African daisies, are the fifth most cut flowers in the world. Given their wide acceptability, you can expect to find them in the list of the best flowers for Valentine’s Day. Gerberas generally symbolize cheerfulness and purity. They are the perfect flowers for a Valentine’s gift that can cheer your loved ones up.

Tulips: When talking about flowers that are varied in color, tulips are a great match. With vibrant colored markings that are like a rainbow, the tulip can make anyone fall head over heels— be it your lover, friend, parent, or colleague. Valentine’s Day couldn’t be more magical and colorful with these flowers; the tulips are a gem.

Chrysanthemum: White chrysanthemums denote peace and purity; red Chrysanthemums denote love and unity; yellow chrysanthemums symbolize optimism and passion— they all convey the true meaning of Valentine’s Day; nothing does it better. Chrysanthemums are popular flowers in any part of the world, and they are mostly used on Valentine’s Day to share true love around the world. Your friends and family would love them.

Poinsettias: Mostly grown in Central America, poinsettias are not only great flowers to celebrate Christmas, but they are also a perfect fit for Valentine’s Day. The red and green colors blend well with the Valentine’s Day’s theme and can be used to create a rapport between you and that charming person you’ve been longing for. Harness Valentine’s Day’s aura of love and jump at the chance to make someone special.

There are several other flowers for Valentine that you can send to your friends and family, as well, and FloraQueen has them all. From the Callas to daffodils, lilies, and many more, Valentine’s Day can be made special with these flowers and with the ones listed so far in this article. There is no excuse for missing the chance to tell your loved ones, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Pick some flowers today and surprise your loved ones.

Where Can You Find Flowers for Valentine?

With so many self-acclaimed international florists in existence, finding the right one to help you send flowers to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day can be quite tasking. You don’t have to worry about all this when you use an international online florist like FloraQueen. All the flowers for Valentine’s Day that are listed here are available on the FloraQueen website, and all you have to do is select a bouquet, and it gets sent to your recipient wherever they are in the world. With a network of professional, hardworking florists around the world, we can piece together flowers, as well as gifts, and send them to your lover, child, or parent in any part of the world to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Other than using the flowers for Valentine listed here as a guide, to easily find the best flowers for Valentine’s Day, use the search option on the FloraQueen website, select Valentine’s Day as your occasion type, and click on the “search” button.


Make the next Valentine’s Day a memorable one with the flowers for your Valentine listed here. To get these flowers sent to your friends and family at affordable prices and without any headache-inducing processes, use FloraQueen. Placing an order is easy and fast, so pick some flowers for Valentine’s Day on our website, today, and send them to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your friends and family.

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