The Best Alternatives to Valentine’s Day Roses

Selection of mixed flowers on a black background

We all know that roses and Valentine’s Day are the perfect partners but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great alternatives to Valentine’s Day roses out there. It may seem unthinkable at this time of year when roses seem almost obligatory to even consider any other types of flowers.

However, as we’re going to see today, there’s nothing wrong with branching out and trying some different varieties. There is a whole world of flowers ready to make your Valentine’s Day surprise all the more amazing and add an extra spark to this year’s celebrations.


Pink alstroemerias

The humble alstroemeria is one of the most expressive flowers around. Coming in passionate bright pinks, deep reds and stunning whites they can dazzle your partner with their bold patterning and delicate petals. These flowers also signify devotion and support for each other making them a great surprise for your long term partner.


Bush of pink carnations

Carnations can make great alternatives to Valentine’s Day roses depending on their color. Signifying both pure love and good luck in the case of white and deep love and admiration in the case of red; they can send the perfect loving message for the most romantic of occasions. If you are in a passionate and committed relationship then red or white carnations could be the ideal complement to your Valentine’s Day celebrations.


Field of pink lilies

Lilies are a firm flower favorite for many occasions from weddings, to birthday surprises. They are very versatile and represent many positive traits like femininity, passion, youth and even royalty. Therefore they are one of the best flowers that you could possibly send as an alternative to roses on Valentine’s Day to charm your significant other and show that they embody the most privileged position in your eyes.


Pink orchids on green background

There’s something exotic about orchids that excites the imagination and brings to mind foreign beaches and rainforests. This makes it the perfect alternative to Valentine’s Day roses for someone who loves to travel. As if that weren’t perfect enough, they also are great flowers to communicate beauty, seduction, and refinement.


Field of multicolour tulips

What better flower to send to the one you love the most than the one that can be used to signify a perfect love. Red and pink tulips are ideal ways to emphasize fresh beginnings, making them great to celebrate a newer love affair on Valentine’s Day.

Whichever of these amazing alternatives to Valentine’s Day roses you decide to choose, remember it’s not long now until the big day itself. Be sure to order well in advance to avoid disappointment and product shortages that are common at this time of year. You can find out more about the best tips for buying Valentine’s Flowers online in our previous post.

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