How To Plan The Perfect Valentines Dinner

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The perfect Valentine’s Day can only be topped off by the perfect Valentine’s Dinner.  Having a romantic day from sunrise-to-sunset on February 14th is always the goal and there can be no doubt that a romantic dinner is the key to tie it all together at the end.

There are numerous classic ways to spend the day of lovers, with breakfast-in-bed, an emotional movie, flowers and chocolates or a romantic trip somewhere all being popular ways to share it together. However, as the day comes to an end, a romantic dinner together beckons.

We’ve prepared a few tips to help you stick the landing.

Let your tastes guide you

romantic food on a plate

It’s no secret that restaurants are more expensive and normally reserved weeks, if not months, in advance. That’s why we recommend preparing your own home-cooked dinner. Making the meal yourself not only makes sure you’re likely to win extra bonus points with your partner but it also allows you to add your own touch of creativity.

If you are the hands-on kind of chef, then always pick a dish that is challenging but not too difficult to prepare. Don’t choose something too complicated unless you’re really sure you’ll have the time to get it just right. Ultimately you want to prepare something that will make your sweetheart’s mouth water. By choosing something you know they love you’ll be sure to create just the right impression.

Luckily, if you don’t have your own signature dishes you can easily take advantage of websites like Food Network, Country Living and BBC GoodFood, which list dozens of dishes that will get your heart racing. Alternatively, if you don’t know a spoon from a spatula here are a few simpler recipes for beginners you can also rely upon.

3 simple recipes that are quick and easy:

Dazzle with your table design

romantic flowers and candles

Once you’ve got your menu in mind it’s time to start thinking about setting the mood, along with your table. When the moment comes to decide how to decorate a Valentine’s dinner table it’s important to remember the two key themes of this special day: Romance and passion.

Colour and lighting are your friends when you are preparing your romantic setting for an intimate meal. Candlelight may sound cliche but there’s a reason why it is a staple of Valentine’s decoration. The flickering flame and the soft light make any room feel more magical. This paired with a vibrantly patterned tablecloth will form the perfect basis for your romantic dinner table.

Red and pinks further enhance your decor and there are lots of ways to let your creativity take flight and bring this out in your table design. A bouquet of flowers or a few quality roses are a great natural way to add some colour.

However, aside from these tried and tested methods, don’t be afraid to branch out with a touch of your own flair. Perhaps you want to make creative use of some scrabble tiles to spell out a romantic message or scatter a few candies, some romantic photos of you and your beau or rose petals across the table. This is where you can really let your personality or the symbols of your relationship come into your design.

3 easy decorations to make any room more romantic:

Dress to impress

attractive young couple with valentine's day hearts

If your table is now looking the part it’s time to smarten yourself up to look the part. Part of the fun of Valentine’s Day is the dressing up and creating a sense of occasion. It’s also a chance to really show off your wardrobe.

Letting the colours of your decor can easily be your guide to the ideal outfit. If the tone of your decor has a traditional feel for Valentine’s then a classic red dress is a great way to go. However, with patterned dresses being very much in style right now, it is the best time to add some dark florals or perhaps some hearts to your outfit itself.

But remember, if all else fails you can’t go wrong with the classic little black dress.

3 show-stopping outfits for Valentine’s Day:

As you can see, all it takes to wow your beau on Valentine’s Day is a little planning and, of course, a touch of romance. Which of our tips will you use this Valentine’s Day?

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