Romance Killer Flowers to Avoid on Valentine’s Day

Woman horrified by man's flowers

We all know that flowers are one of the best gifts to sweep your partner off their feet on Valentine’s Day but it is important to remember that not all flowers communicate romance. In fact, some bouquets may contain romance killer flowers that could potentially send the opposite message to the person you want to impress most.

Today we’re going to look at the worst offenders to see which flowers you should avoid sending to your love this Valentine’s Day.


field of yellow daffodils with orange trumpet

Daffodils may be lovely at this time of year. However, these perfect symbols of spring are better left in the garden when it comes to Valentine’s Day. This is because they are members of the Narcissus family and as such are often used to represent self-absorption and vanity, much like their namesake. This could, of course, be more than a little insulting to the recipient of your bouquet. This doesn’t mean they can never serve as love flowers. They are in fact the flowers that are given to mark a 10 year wedding anniversary celebration as they also represent joy and cheerfulness.

Yellow Carnations

Yellow carnations

Whilst they may be attractive to the eye, yellow carnations, unfortunately, are often associated with rejection and disgust. Sometimes they even extend to hatred towards another person. Don’t let that put you off giving carnations as a gift in a bouquet, however. Red and white variants are both lovely and symbolise pure love, good luck and deep admiration.


Purple lavender fields

Lavender may look great and also smell great but as a Valentine’s gift, it may miss the mark. This is because in some quarters the plant can signify mistrust. That would certainly put a downer on any Valentine’s bouquet. However, if you love the colour of lavender but don’t want to send the wrong signals to your significant other then why not show your affection with some delicate lavender roses instead?

Aconite (Monkshood)

Aconitum monks hood

While aconite looks rather smart with its drooping petals and striking purple-blue shades it is a flower you should never give your special Valentine. The reason this time being that these otherwise pleasant-looking blooms signify hatred! If however, you have any enemies then this is a great choice of flower to give.


colourful pink and blue petunias

Petunias may have a pretty name and also look rather innocuous. Unfortunately, beneath that innocent appearance beats a heart of rage. That’s right, petunias are considered to be the flowers of anger and resentment. Giving your partner a bouquet of these on Valentine’s Day is only going to end badly.

Yellow Chrysanthemums

Yellow chrysanthemums in a white vase on a wooden table

Yellow chrysanthemums are beautiful to look at but will get you into trouble if given to your romantic partner. Why? Well, unfortunately, these fancy flowers are most commonly associated with sorrow and neglect. These are about as bad romance killer flowers you could ever find. To make matters worse Chrysanthemums are often associated with sympathy in the west which is more than a little inappropriate as a romantic gift.

As you can see, the majority of flowers on this list are either yellow or blue. This is because these colours often signify more negative traits like rejection, jealousy, mistrust or even death in some cases. Whatever flowers you choose for your Valentine’s bouquet, be extra sure that none of these truly unromantic choices spoil your loving message on Wednesday!

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