This Valentines let it be a man’s valentine as well!

Expressing love

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Let’s be honest, we love flowers. As a matter of fact, everyone likes them and so do men! … Men like flowers too, but it seems that women are the only recipients of flowers especially on Valentine’s Day.

Take the initiative! Buy before he does, dare to give him what he would never expect, put him in your place for a while and watch his face full of surprise when he receives a beautiful floral combination. It wants to make you smile just thinking about it!

When was the belief created that the pleasure of giving flowers is unique to men? It is a great pleasure, either way! We love flowers, we enjoy receiving them and enjoy giving them away. This is not intended to be a “flower-power “ manifesto, we just want to point out the beauty of a floral bouquet and the joy of giving them away.

Flowers for everyone! Let’s not make sexual discriminations. Give flowers to your boyfriend, husband, father, girlfriends and above all, give yourself the pleasure of doing it.

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