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Passionate purple flowers are one of nature’s more precious treats. With the historical significance of purple as a symbol of prestige and royalty they bring something extra special to a surprise bouquet, in addition to their deep rich colour.

However, what’s so special about them and why? There’s a rich tapestry of meaning associated with purple flowers and the colour purple in general to unpack. We’ve taken a look at the choice and symbolism when it comes to purple flowers around the world.

What are the most expressive purple flowers?

There are lots of perfect purple flowers out there that will make your bouquet shine, however we’ve highlighted a few that we think stand out from the rest:

purple tulip close upThere are many many more types of purple flower occurring in nature but the examples listed above are more likely to enhance your surprise flower arrangements.

Now we know a little more about the types of purple flowers available, let’s now take a look at just what it means to someone to receive a purple bouquet as a gift.

What do purple flowers signify to someone?


In antiquity purple was one of the hardest colour dyes to manufacture and as such it was the preserve of the richest and most powerful people in society. Roman Emperors are best known for the embodying the trend, even going so far as to refer to people in the highest classes as “born to the purple“.


In addition to prestige, purple flowers can also be seen to represent luxury and quality. This is probably due to the relative rarity of the colour in textiles and manufacturing before modern methods. Of course, a few carefully chosen purple blooms could be ideal to show your special someone just how much you appreciate and admire them.

Spiritual calm

Purple is also an important colour of spirituality and religion. In New Age culture purple represents the Crown Chakra, which is the chakra of insight and connection with the all things spiritual.

Femininity and beauty

Lighter purples are often associated with femininity not least as it’s among the favourite colours of women in general. This makes purple flowers a particularly good choice for a female friend or partner.


Believe it or not but purple is sometimes known as “the adult pink” due to its more refined and reserved shading. Naturally, this makes purple the perfect choice of colour for a bouquet for a birthday of someone coming of age.

selection of purple flowers

Purple flowers offer something a little bit more unique than the norm when it comes to your bouquet. With symbolism that combines maturity, femininity, spiritualism and, of course, status and value, they could be a great choice for your bouquet.

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