Flower Color Meanings: What to Know

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When you notice a flower, what do you pay close attention to? Do you see how large or small it is? Do you focus on the scent? Maybe you like the shape of the flower itself. Most people notice the color before all else. In most cases, the coloring is one of many factors that help to make a flower and all of nature so beautiful.

Today, we want to pose a question to you and then help you answer it. In this article, you are going to learn:

  • What each flower color means
  • Whether color meanings change based on the type of flower


Yellow is one of the brightest and boldest colors out there. It often symbolizes joy and happiness, and people find it to be cheerful regardless of the weather or conditions. However, this color is also ideal for friendship. With its bright hue and bubbly personality, yellow flowers can brighten anyone’s day and provide more positive energy to a room.

You can find a variety of yellow flowers out there. Some of the most popular include lilies, tulips, sunflowers, roses, and daisies.


Another bold color, red, can provide excitement and allure. When in relation to the world around you, it can sometimes take on a negative connotation, such as a warning or to stop. In clothing, it’s thought to be a statement color and one of authority and power. Still, red flowers are usually associated with passion and love. Sometimes, they are used to convey desire, courage, and respect.

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It is possible to find many flower species in red. The most popular is the rose, of course. Red roses are classic, but you can also find other colors in the species. For other popular red flowers, you have geraniums, poppies, and tulips.


While orange flowers aren’t quite as bold and cheerful as red or yellow ones, respectively, they are still a bright and exciting flower. Thus, they are popular to help people symbolize feelings of enthusiasm and excitement. Of course, they can also cheer up a room because of their vibrant pop of color.

Some of the most popular flowers that come in orange can include marigolds, lilies, zinnias, and tulips.


For those who are looking for something a little softer and less bold, pink flowers are the perfect choice. They are similar to red flowers for the meaning, as they can be a symbol for love. Still, most people choose red for love, especially that of a significant other. If you mean love for a friend, pink is a great alternative. Different meanings of a pink flower can include femininity, happiness, and gentleness. This is primarily the reason you often see Mother’s Day bouquets with a lot of pink in them.

The color pink is found in many flowers. These can include azaleas, roses, carnations, and lilies. In fact, carnations are the most popular pink flower on the market right now!


Blue has always been a soothing color. It’s quite popular for bedrooms as paint and comforters on beds. Therefore, the same feeling can be felt when you are presented with blue flowers. With so many blue hues that these flowers possess, they are often said to be a symbol for peace and tranquility. In fact, blue flowers have been known to spread relaxing feelings and can help people reduce their stress and negative emotions. It’s amazing that a flower in the right color can lead to relaxation and peace!

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While you may think that blue flowers are rare or hard to find, many are recognizable. These include cornflowers, morning glories, and hydrangeas. Primarily, hydrangeas are the most popular with their huge, calming blooms.


When it comes to the color white, which is actually the absence of all colors, you probably know what it means. Generally, it has multiple meanings, including innocence, sympathy, and purity. Often, white flowers are used during memorial services and in bridal bouquets.

Regardless of the message you hope to relay, we recommend that you choose between carnations, daisies, or orchids. Of course, the white rose is one of our favorites, too!


While many people think that purple and lavender are the same, they are slightly different. We are going to talk about purple flowers and their meaning later in this article. Still, even with similar features, the two colors mean different things. Often, lavender can symbolize youth, grace, and elegance. It is sometimes given to youngsters as a congratulatory gift.

Lavender might seem like a hard flower color to find, but it is possible. Lilacs are often this color, as well as daisies, petunias, and orchids. Generally, orchids and lilacs are the most popular in this color range.


We didn’t want to leave you hanging, so we thought we should talk to you about purple flowers next. Generally, this color of flower symbolizes royalty and success. However, other meanings can include tradition and feelings of admiration. With that said, you can now tell the difference between bold purple flowers and the lighter lavender counterpart. Still, they are a beauty to behold and can make anyone feel like a prince or princess.

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A few of our most favorite purple flowers can include bellflowers, irises, alliums, and clematis. You may not know them all, but you are probably familiar with the iris and bellflower.


Everyone knows that green is predominately found in nature. As plants grow, they turn green, but if they start dying, they become brown. Therefore, green flowers can symbolize renewal and rebirth. In relation to that, a green-hued flower could also be associated with youthfulness, good health, and good fortune.

You can find many green plants available to surround yourself with and get those positive vibes. Green flowers can include cymbidium orchids, button flowers, anthurium, and bells of Ireland.


After reading this article, you now know what each of the most popular flower colors means. We also talked about what flowers come in those colors so that you can choose your preferred flower based on what you hope to convey to or about the recipient.