What Are Some Well Known Songs About Flowers?

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Many people see flowers as the world’s natural works of art. This is understandable when you stop to consider just how majestic some of the world’s most beautiful flowers are. This is the reason that there are visual arts pieces that are entirely based on one or more flowers. Art forms, such as painting, however, are not the only ways that flowers and art can be brought together.

Music is also considered as an artistic form of expression, and it is also a great medium to bring flowers into the mix. To this end, there are numerous songs out there that are either based on flowers or use flowers as metaphors to get the desired message across. This article focuses on the following songs:

* Seal – Kiss from a Rose
* Poison – Every Rose Has Its Thorn
* Ace of Base – Life Is a Flower
* Bon Jovi – Bed of Roses

Seal – Kiss from a Rose

This song, which was released in the mid-1990, is a powerhouse that sold over eight million records. The song was performed by Seal, which is a British singer. Apart from the incredible record sales, the song is known for winning several awards. Many people who knew Kiss from a Rose during its time of release wondered what the motivation for creating it was. It is truly a beautiful song, so it’s no surprise that the fans got a bit inquisitive. Unfortunately, Seal never dived too much into the details surrounding his motivation. Instead, he indicated that there was a relationship that led to the song’s creation and that it also served as inspiration for the lyrics.

This is a song that stays in the memory, considering that it was a featured soundtrack in the credits of Batman forever. Unbelievably, Seal did not believe in the track when he first recorded it. He was quite disappointed initially, but he eventually decided to have it released. The rest is history, as the track is one of the reasons that he became as well-known as he did.

Poison – Every Rose Has Its Thorn

This is a song that became much larger than the rock band, Poison, could have ever imagined. In fact, this is widely said to be the band’s number one hit, and the statistics don’t disagree. The credit for writing the song goes to none other than Bret Michaels, who is both a songwriter and the lead singer of the band.

Michaels performed this song on Rock of Love to show his sensitive side, after spending the day viewing woman who opted to mud wrestle for his attention. The song has a country vibe to it, and it was written in a laundromat. At the time, Michael’s girlfriend was an exotic dancer. He called her and was very distraught when he heard a male’s voice in the background.

After writing and singing the critically acclaimed track, he went on to explain that the rose was an indication of the way that the band was growing. The thorn symbolized the idea that continued success impacted his relationship. In any case, everyone can appreciate that while there is a lot of realism in the song, it is a sad one too.

Ace of Base – Life Is a Flower

This is another in the list of songs about flowers, and it comes from the Swedish pop group known as Ace of Base. This is the same group that is famous for the fantastic Dark Clouds. The idea of this song was to focus on the more positive aspects of life. As indicated before, the beauty of flowers is so incredible that it is often compared to and described as art.

Ace of Base wanted people to realize that not only is the glass of life half full, but that it is also a beautiful glass. Flowers are brought into the mix because they were known to have the ability to make people smile. This is especially true of bright flowers, such as sunflowers, that are known for having an incredibly cheerful disposition.

Note that the use of the sunflower is nothing more than an example here, as the band did not mention a specific flower. There is no record of this in the lyrics, nor in any comments about the song from Ace of Base. As you’d expect, the song’s lyrics implore you to make the most of every moment. Instead of worrying for the future, you should capitalize on today and stop to view the beauty that life has to offer. In contrast to the previous entry on the list, this song radiates with positivity.

Bon Jovi – Bed of Roses

This song is a contrast to the Hard Rock and big hair culture that was associated with the late 1980s, which is when Bon Jovi began to become a household name. Bed of Roses was one of the tracks on Jovi’s keep the faith album, and it was the top song on the record. The album was released in 1992, but based on the song’s level of success, Bed of Roses was released as a single the following year.

This song was just one of many examples of the band’s more grown-up sound that it had developed. By today’s standards, this would be considered a long song, as it clocks in at over six and a half minutes. Jovi was always known as one of the best songwriters at the time, and this one emerged in a hotel room while he was hungover and thinking about missing his wife. Bed of Roses reached as high as number 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.


Not only are flowers beautiful, but they also embody a slew of characteristics that makes them perfect representations of various feelings and happenings in the world. This is the reason that there are so many songs about flowers that you can enjoy. Even if the message isn’t entirely about the flower, there is some metaphor used that makes the flower relevant. Four of these songs were covered above, and they are known worldwide as some of the best.

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