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Some say, that after women, flowers are the most beautiful thing that God has given to the world. As a matter of fact, flowers are pretty, chic and timeless. Besides, giving flowers is the most beautiful gesture you can do to make your beloved ones happy at all times. Depending on its color, shape, and scent, a flower has a message to convey and a feeling to express.

Today, many flowers are associated with passion and love. Because of this, you may even be surprised to learn that some of the most popular flowers are linked to loss, negativity, and anger.

Most flowers are inspired and rich with meaning and symbolism. Our floral guide is here to shed light on the hidden mysteries of the most beautiful flowers out there. We aim to explore these floral gems and get to know a uniquely new language of flowers.

In this article, we are going to discover the symbolism of the most beautiful flowers including:

The Queen of Flowers

We don’t need an explanation about the unbeatable queen of flowers, the prettiest, most admired of all: the rose. A timeless symbol of love, a rose has the capacity to express the feeling of passion in all colors. A rose is the perfect ally of lovers and the star of Valentine’s Day.

The white rose is also seen as a symbol of divinity and perfection. Often, we would see that Christ was depicted in Renaissance paintings by a crown of white roses on his head.

During the Victorian Era, the yellow rose symbolized jealousy, infidelity, betrayal, and separation. Nowadays, the yellow rose stands for joy, happiness, friendship, attention, respect, success, and human affection.

Orange roses are also associated with desire, enthusiasm, passion, fascination and attraction. So, you can give orange roses to someone you greatly admire or to express a message like “I’m so proud of you!

The Beauty of Orchids

The orchid is a graceful flower that represents seduction, desire, and luxury. Airy, and filled with elegance and perfection, this beautiful plant with vibrant colors leaves you speechless. Each orchid flower has different shades and colors of red, pink, purple, yellow, and white.

In order to fully understand this flower, one must know what “orchid” means in Greek. The flower takes its name from the word “orchi,” which means “testicles.” From then on, the meaning of the orchid takes on a sexual dimension.

In ancient China, the orchid represented fertility and feminine grace. Orchids are generally offered for birthdays, weddings and even for romantic celebrations.

In addition, there are both large and small orchids, short living, and long living orchids. Apart from these facts, the thing that most stands out about orchids are their unique statutes and vibrant colors.

Regarding colors, the yellow orchid has a more sexual message. It represents eroticism and the warmth of love. This is a perfect flower to offer for a wedding anniversary or a romantic celebration. The red orchid has a passionate message and the desire to make love.

The History of Carnations

The carnation is a beautiful flower with meaningful symbols and several colors. This flower has a pleasant smell unlike other fragrance-free cut flowers. Furthermore, this beauty takes your breath away with its intense and vibrant colors. Mainly discovered in the coastal areas of the Mediterranean basin, the carnation symbolizes passion, desire and romance.

Historically speaking, the Romans were the first to make wreaths. The carnation was largely used in many religious occasions as a symbol of the Virgin Mary and the suffering of Christ.

Known by its Latin name “dianthus,” the name is derived from the Greek word, “Dios” (God) and “Anthos” (flower). Thus, we could say that the carnation is a divine flower.

The white carnation represents pure love. The red symbolizes affection. The pink expresses the eternal love of a mother and the purple embodies fantasy.

The Mystery of Tulips

The tulip is widely known as the national flower of the Netherlands. This beauty blooms each spring and can spread across the land before you know it. Can you imagine yourself standing in the field of tulips? This may sound like heaven because this beautiful flower could simply take your breath away. As a symbol of love and passion, the tulip has many varieties and a multitude of colors.

This diversity makes it one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. A simple bouquet of tulips is much appreciated especially on occasions like Mother’s Day.

Originally from the Himalayan region and popularized in the Middle East, the tulip owes its name to the Turkish tülbent, meaning “turban.”

Be careful however to choose the color well. A yellow tulip symbolizes an impossible love. The red color with a black heart is the sign of a mad passion.

Fun Facts About the Lotus Flower

The lotus flower has been associated with purity and beauty in the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism.  In ancient Egypt, there were two main types of lotus growing, white and blue. Scientifically a water lily, but symbolically a lotus, the pink lotus flower was introduced to Egypt at the end of their civilization period.

This flowering plant is known to be associated with rebirth. Thus, the lotus is supposed to retract into the water at night and emerge in the sun the next day.

In the language of flowers, the lotus means eloquence. A red lotus tattoo symbolizes love and purity. A blue lotus tattoo symbolizes wisdom and calm. The lotus flower, in general, symbolizes softness.

White or pink represents purity and devotion; red, purple and blue refer to spiritual ascent and rebirth. Lotus flowers can’t grow in the cold climate, though. To survive, the lotus needs sunshine at all times.

Today, there are thousand ways to show your love with flowers! The red rose remains the perfect symbol of Valentine’s Day, but here, you have discovered various flower ideas to offer throughout the rest of the year. We strongly encourage you to get familiar with the language of flowers in order to make your beloved ones happy.

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