The Best Easy Tricks To Make Cut Tulips Open Faster

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There’s really nothing like fresh tulips at this time of year. They really are one of the perfect flowers for spring. Tulips are often delivered closed to ensure the longest duration in the vase but naturally most people are eager to enjoy them in their full splendour as soon as possible. We’ve got a few tips today to help you speed up nature a little and make your cut tulips open faster and also a few tips on keeping them fresh and healthy for as long as possible.

Choose the right vase

White tulips in a vase

Tulips are quite particular when it comes to the type of vase you choose. Not only will choosing a vase that suits them better allow them to bloom that little bit faster but it will also ensure a longer vase life. It’s important to place tulips in a tall vase that covers at least half their length so their stem doesn’t collapse under the weight of the buds.

Use tepid water initially

Some lukewarm water will help to activate the tulip’s petals so they open that bit faster. It’s very important not to use water that is too warm or it will cause the flowers to droop. Tulips don’t like things too hot.

Use a little sunlight

sunlight on yellow tulips

Alternatively if you want to let nature do the work for you, place the tulips in cold water and put them in a sunny area for a while as they hydrate and they should then start to open up for you. Don’t leave them in the sun too long however as they will get too hot.

Trim the bottom leaves

Any leaves that fall below the water line should be removed before you place them in the vase. This not only prevents moulding from excessive moisture but also saves the plant from trying to provide energy to these superfluous parts of the flower and ensuring that the petals get more encouragement to bloom faster.

Cut the stems at an angle

Cutting flower stems

A common trick to get your flowers to open and bloom quicker is to cut the stems diagonally so that they can absorb the water in the vase faster. Just take about 2.5 cm off the bottom at an angle and the flowers will be able to activate faster.

Give them a little energy

There are a few ways to give your fresh tulips a little energy boost. First of all, if you tulips come with any flower food then make use of this to give them plenty of nutrients. Alternatively, you can give them a literal sugar rush with a pinch of sugar in the water.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll find that your tulips will be able to impress almost as soon as they arrive. Nature just needs a little coaxing and you can enjoy the true majesty of fresh tulips at home this spring.

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