The Sublime and Elegant White Rose Meaning

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Less commonly known than a red rose, white rose possesses a very particular meaning in the language of flowers. There are several varieties of roses: from climbers to ground cover, roses can produce beautiful flowers according to their type of specimen.

White rose also known by its Latin name, “rosa alba,” is believed to be the flower of the moon. For several thousand years, white rose has been fascinating, perfect, elegant, sublime, and seductive. It is among the favorite flowers of Europeans, especially the French, and is offered on its own or in floral arrangements. You can offer it alone or accompanied by other varieties of flowers with different colors and scents.

It is through numerous stories that today’s white rose is famous and well known. Many meanings and significations are attributed to this kind of rose, which would be worthless without its history.

In this article, we discuss several points such as:

* What is the meaning of white rose?
* What is the history of white rose?
* When can you offer a white rose?
* What is the difference between a white rose and the red rose?

What Is the Meaning of White Rose?

The purity of white rose is primarily expressed in its simplicity. It is the emblem of innocent, eternal, and charming purity. It transmits the honesty of feelings. White roses have a profound, plain, and enigmatic side by their genuineness and their purity. Because of that, it was long named the “bridal rose” or the “marriage rose.”

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The characteristic of white rose stands for shy love or chaste love, seclusion, and peacefulness. It is sometimes used to timidly reveal a hidden love or a secret relationship. This flower is also used to express deep appreciation to another person.

White rose is also the symbol of peace; it is very common to offer it for an apology to a loved one. White rose also serves as a fresh start and a start of new life that is why it is regularly seen at wedding ceremonies. In general, white roses hold a powerful meaning in the floral language.

What Is the History of White Rose?

If the most famous rose is undoubtedly red rose, the white rose has no reason to envy its passionate sister, as its history and meaning give it the position of the first rose.

Legend has it that white rose first appeared among Greeks. This flower was regarded as a sign of purity and innocence. Some people even agree that white rose would have given birth to the red rose. Legends say that in the time of the Roman era and during a trip into a forest, Venus, the goddess, quickly came to help her injured man. As she runs, the spine of a white rose injured her and a single drop of her blood on the pure petals of the flower queen gave origin to the red rose.

In an equally dramatic version, the god of romance is said to pour a drop of wine on a white rose. It has since become the epitome of the flower of love.

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When Can You Offer a White Rose?

For one, giving a white rose as a gift to a woman reflects the sincerity of the feeling one has for her. However, that feeling is not always love. It can also be friendship and deep care, which is why we can present this flower to a friend, a mother or a loved one. White roses also represents pure and chaste love. Under certain circumstances, the one who offers you a bouquet of white roses may be trying to show you his affection, along with this wish for a relationship purely platonic.

White roses are suitable for several occasions. For example, to congratulate brides and grooms, or as an encouragement to a person who is starting a new life resolution. You can also offer them for a birthday. It also stands for truth, loyalty, and a peaceful mind. For two friends who have fought, it can stitch the friendship back together.

What Is the Difference Between White Rose and the Red Rose?

If red rose can reveal a passionate love, the white rose stands for the unity, purity, and virtue of the love union. Their petals are equally associated with respect, honor, and reverence.

Red rose symbolizes love and passionate feelings for your loved one. There is romanticism in a red rose bouquet, but there is also a powerful enthusiasm and fervor: it is a mad love that does not let itself be stung by thorns. By presenting a bunch of red roses, one says: “I love you.” You should, therefore, reserve this note for the chosen one in your heart.

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On the other hand, white rose is perfect to transmit a message of pure and innocent love. You can easily offer them to a friend, a parent or even a colleague, while red rose can only be offered to a significant other.

In the language of flowers, white roses possess a broad significance. It is a powerful symbol of simplicity, purity, innocence, or virginity, but also goodness, kindness, bounty, and honesty. If you want to share your most heartfelt sentiments in a friendly or loving way, the pure white rose can be the appropriate choice. For a loving partnership, giving away beautiful white roses at the start of a new relationship conveys your hope that you can continue to move ahead with this unique person.

The pure and representative character of a white rose is so symbolic. However, it could lack the necessary passion to show your love in an already solid on-going relationship. That is why bringing a splash of color with some red roses may prevent you from noticing some disappointment in the eyes of your beloved.