The Colours of Roses and What they Mean

Mixed coloured rosebuds

Roses are the number one commercially grown flower in the world, outselling all other cut flowers. Part of their appeal is that they can be grown in various or even mixes of different colours. So just how do you you choose the right colour rose to suit the right occasion. With our guide for the different colours of roses you’ll be able to pick out just the right bouquet to send the ideal message to your loved ones.

Red Roses

Red rose black background

The classic red rose is a favourite for romantics and people wishing to demonstrate their heartfelt affection for a special someone. It’s well known that a gesture of a single red rose on Valentine’s Day or a bouquet of a dozen or more symbolises a deep passionate love for another person. As a result many people send roses when they want to communicate their romantic intentions at a time when it matters most.

White Roses

White rose black background

While red roses are the flowers of romance, white roses are the flowers of purity and innocence. This makes them one of the best flowers for a wedding, or for new babies where emphasising innocence is key. Because of the purity element these flowers are also favourites to communicate spirituality, which is especially important when sending white roses to the East as they are sometimes used as flowers at funerals.

Yellow Roses

yellow rose black background

Yellow roses are used for quite a different purpose. These flowers are best for connoting happiness or joy and to promote good health and friendship. This is great as it means that yellow roses are appropriate in many different cases such as get well presents or to celebrate a close friend’s birthday. However, take care when sending flowers to countries in the far east as if you send these as get well flowers you’ll send the wrong message as yellow flowers are usually reserved for just funerals.

Pink Roses

Pink rose black background

Pink roses are the flowers of appreciation. They communicate gentle feelings as well as a strong sense of gratitude. Of course, they are the perfect flowers for someone you want to thank for always being there when you need them most.

Orange Roses

Orange rose black background

Whilst orange roses aren’t as common or popular as their other brethren they still carry a special meaning. Like red roses they communicate passion although maybe without such heady romantic overtures. Instead they communicate energy and vibrancy, with fire-like intensity. In this way they are great flowers for offering congratulations or to reaffirm your enthusiasm for your partner on your anniversary.

So do you agree with our descriptions or do you send coloured roses such as these for different occasions to the ones we’ve written about? Let us know in the comments below or on social media how and why you choose the colour of roses.

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