A tribute to gerbera

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The gerbera daisy genus consists of some thirty species. This flower is hugely popular and, in actual fact, it is the fifth most used cut flower in the world. What’s more, it is endowed with powerful symbolism; generally speaking, it is considered a flower that conveys deep love and sweet thoughts, but it also denotes loyalty, innocence and purity. Actually, each of its colours expresses a different feeling, from painful to heartfelt emotions. What follows are some descriptions that will give you an inkling about what each colour means and help you get a message across to someone dear to you.

large_black_gerberaThe gift of a black gerbera is the sign that someone is losing their way and is on the wrong path.



gerbera jaune Yellow gerberas denote glory, but also jealousy and betrayal.



gerbera rouge  If you wish to express your love and passion for a loved one, red gerberas are the ideal flowers.



gerbera blancTo brighten up your home or that of a loved one, choose white gerberas.



gerbera pourpre

This flower exists in a lot of different varieties. This comes as no surprise as we know that this colour was the most luxurious in bygone times. They have really a thousand meanings, and their colours are associated with each one of the feelings a person may feel at least once in their life.


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