“Flowers” for people that hate fresh flowers

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It’s, unfortunately, true to say that fresh flowers aren’t for everyone. Whether they are afflicted by allergies or they simply can’t take care of a bouquet there are plenty of people out there who don’t get along with real flowers. That doesn’t mean all flowers are off limits, however. To show that anyone can enjoy beautiful blooms in some capacity we’ve created a list of “flowers” for people that hate flowers.

For the person who prefers arts and crafts

origami flowers on white background

Flowers aren’t just beautiful for their scents and freshness. We love them because of their expressive shapes and colours. This is why paper flowers are a perfect compromise.

They are something a master crafter will love making or receiving and they are super easy to make. All you need is some paper, scissors, some glue and maybe a ruler and you can make paper flowers of almost any shape.

Flowers that allergy sufferers won’t suffer with

red potted begonia

It’s sad to say that some people just aren’t able to enjoy fresh flowers due to allergies. However, even if you’ve had a bad experience with an allergy attack brought on by flowers that doesn’t mean all flowers will cause issues.

For example, the humble begonia is considered one of the best flowers for allergy sufferers. It is a flowering plant that secretes very little pollen so is perfectly safe to enjoy around the home. Also, don’t forget that roses are a much more allergy friendly flower than you may imagine.

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Flowers for those who just can’t keep flowers alive

Let’s face it, some people are terrible at looking after fresh flowers. Too much water, too little water or by leaving them in the sun, these are a few simple mistakes that lead to a quick death for fresh cut flowers. However, there is a solution whereby “fresh” flowers can be enjoyed forever.

Wax dipped flowers are a perfect halfway house between fresh natural blooms and an artificial flower. The bonus here is that they are real flowers, that have simply been preserved in a way that keeps their original shape in an almost permanent way. They are something you can quite easily make at home and deliver in bouquet form. Even the most hopeless plant parent will be able to enjoy these.

Flowers for someone who just wants to eat

Whilst flowers are a treat for the eyes, some people prefer treats for the stomach. Surprisingly there are a number of delicious edible flowers. Artichokes and capers are un-blossomed buds of flowers and you can also enjoy the flowers from squashes and courgettes.

However, there is a LOT of food art out there. It’s quite possible to create “flowers” out of tomatoes, avocados, carrots strawberries and other sliceable vegetables. Then again if all else fails, why not try a making a blooming onion to surprise them.

For people that REALLY hate flowers: An alternative bouquet

apple and lychee bouquet

Ok, in this case, flowers are really out of the question. However, that doesn’t mean that a bouquet can’t be enjoyed.

Among the most creative creations out there are cookie bouquets, button bouquets, cupcake bouquets, yarn bouquets and even pickle bouquets. Basically, with a cool concept and some creative designs, anyone can enjoy a beautiful bouquet even without flowers.

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We don’t all enjoy the same things but that doesn’t mean that flowers can’t make someone’s day better in some small way. Even if they aren’t fresh.  Do you love or hate flowers? Let us know in the comments below.

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