Enjoy A Touch Of The Exotic In April With This Lily And Allium Bouquet

Ginger bouquet collage

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It may only be April but we feel it’s already time to let the summer in with an exotic bouquet that is sure to bring some warmth and joy to someone’s day. That’s why we’ve chosen our beautiful lily and allium bouquet: Ginger as our pick of the month for April.

April is a month full of significance. It’s the first full month of spring and in 2019 it will also play host to Easter celebrations. We thought this festive bouquet full of optimism with a touch of the unusual would be perfect to celebrate that.

What this bouquet signifies:

Ginger can be summed up in one word: Exotic. It is like a warm tropical breeze, with a bright warm pink colour and glamorous selection of fragrant and beautiful flowers. This special arrangement of pink flowers can easily brighten a day with its natural wonder. Let’s get to know what makes up this beautiful arrangement.

Ginger bouquet of allium anastasias and lilies

What flowers are in this bouquet?

Pink Lilies

Pink lily up close

These beautiful pink flowers that are closely tied to representations of femininity and Motherhood. They are also the main attractions of Ginger. Bringing with them that elegance and grace that lilies are famed for, the pink lilies in this arrangement add a little passion and enthusiasm.

Pink Anastasias

Pink anastasia close up

Anastasias are beautiful pompom chrysanthemums and these beautiful pink flowers add an explosive, firework-like touch to the bouquet. Happiness is closely associated with these flowers. Although, in pink they also connote tenderness and kindness.

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Ginger bouquet from above

Believe it or not but allium is actually a member of the onion family. As a result, this sprightly purple flower, has often been associated with its medicinal properties and also its role in some recipes. However, the allium in this arrangement is simply a feast for the eyes, rather than the stomach. It is a flower that suggests perfection and is the crowning glory of this stupendous floral bouquet.

Why you should give someone this bouquet:

This is a great bouquet for any day of the year that you want to make more celebratory. However, with its lovely lilies that communicate womanhood and the anastasias that reflect unending kindness, this is the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet. This is also a fantastic selection for celebrating your mom all year round or as a gift on her birthday.

Alternatively, this could be used as a birthday surprise for anyone you love dearly or to brighten the day of a relative recovering from an illness. It’s a bouquet that brings optimism of great times ahead as well as a touch of opulence.

The summer may be a few months away but we don’t see any reason to not enjoy an exotic combination like this. It is perfect for getting ready for happier days to come.

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