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Receiving flowers is one of the best feelings in the world. The sight of a beautiful bouquet brings so much happiness. So, if you want to receive flowers every month, then sign up for FloraQueen’s flower subscription service. You will regularly have fresh floral arrangements arrive to your front door, bringing lots of charm and cheer to your home.

With this article, you can learn more about flower subscription services, such as:

* FloraQueen’s delivery service
* Benefits of flower subscriptions
* Popular flowers you can expect in your bouquets
* Why you should purchase a flower subscription

FloraQueen’s Delivery Service

FloraQueen has a unique delivery service that is always punctual. All flower orders are securely delivered so that they arrive fresh and beautiful every time. Each different bouquet will be placed in boxes that have been constructed to fit the flowers without causing any damage. Then, they are delivered to your doorstep with an appearance so fresh and natural, they will not look like they have been delivered.

For your subscription and for any other orders to arrive on time, FloraQueen utilizes the services of local florists. They construct the arrangements which are then picked up and delivered by FloraQueen. You can count on fresh flowers every time.

If you want to order flowers other than those that arrive in your subscription, then FloraQueen is always happy to help. The delivery system allows for speedy shipment. Because of this, if you are in a time crunch, same day and next day delivery are offered. FloraQueen does their best to make sure that all your floral needs be met, and all your expectations are exceeded.

Benefits of Flower Subscriptions

There are many benefits that come with flower subscriptions. Not only do you receive some of the most beautiful and popular flowers in the world, but you also get to experience FloraQueen’s stellar service.

By purchasing a flower subscription, you will get uniquely crafted floral arrangements that will surprise you with their natural beauty every time. FloraQueen provides unforgettable bouquets that will brighten up any room in your home. The bouquets also have the power to brighten anyone’s day.

FloraQueen makes sure that you receive the arrangements regularly and on time. You will be surprised at how unique and well crafted each bouquet is, but you will not be surprised about what time they will be delivered.

Popular Flowers You Can Expect to Appear in Your Bouquet At Least Once

There are so many flowers in the world. And with a flower subscription, you will not know which ones will appear in the next arrangement. So, the following are some very popular flowers that may show up in at least one of your bouquets.

Roses- These are one of the most popular flowers in the world. So, of course you can expect to see some roses. Most popularly known for their rich red color, they also come in colors like white, pink, and yellow. In fact, pink and white roses were two of the original and natural growing colors of roses. All in all, you may not be surprised to see roses in your arrangement, but you may be surprised with which color.

Daisies- The daisy is very popular for its very simple appearance. They match well with bolder and more uniquely shaped flowers. Although they usually complement other flowers, daisies have the ability to take center stage and be the star of the bouquet with their simple and natural beauty.

Lilies- These flowers are also one of the most popular in the world. They are extremely significant in mythical and biblical history. They also have a strong presence at special occasions and holidays. Their colors are a lot more soft and subtle, so they pair great with flowers that have bright and bold hues.

Gerberas– Known for their bright colors, this species of daisies will liven up any space they are in. The most popular colors tend to be pink, orange, and red. Their shape is very similar to that of the daisy; however, they are longer and much brighter.

Carnations- These flowers are unique in shape. Their petals flow from the center and end with a ruffled look. These flowers are also very popular, so you can most likely expect pink, red, or white carnations in your next flower subscription.

Tulips– Bulbous in shape, these flowers possess both soft and bright colors. They are usually tall and skinny, so, they can be found with flowers that take up more space and have a larger width. Overall, they are a great springtime flower and may be more common for subscriptions that are sent at the height of blooming season.

Amaryllis- Amaryllis are gorgeous flowers with triangle shaped petals. Overall, their shape is like a star and they usually exude bright colors like pink, orange, and red. The center is typically green and contrasts with their hot colored petals. They bloom in the springtime, so you may see them in your bouquets around the same time that you see your tulips.

Lisianthus- The shape of this delicate flower looks very similar to a rose. It offers soft colors such as white and light pink. They are tall and skinny, so they accent the larger and bolder flowers very well. However, there is no doubt that you will not be able to see their magnificent and simple beauty.

Decorative greenery- Finally, you can almost always expect some decorative greenery to your bouquet. Although not as appealing as the flowers themselves, they can provide contrast to the flowers’ colors and fill up space so that the bouquet, overall, looks more appealing.

Why You Should Purchase a Flower Subscription

A flower subscription is a routine delivery of floral arrangements right to your front door. You can regularly have something to look forward to, especially if you enjoy taking care of and learning about different kinds of flowers. You will be exposed to different flower species that will broaden your horizons and brighten up your day.

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