Learn the Most Famous Quotes about Spring to Surprise Your Friends and Family

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Following the quiet period called winter, where the world is dark and drab, life comes to the surface again with spring. Mother Nature slowly comes to life; the trees bloom, the birds sing, and everything becomes suddenly so colorful.

Spring has new energy of renewal. It is the ideal time to set new projects, to create and plant the foundations of your next life. It is the moment to open to new things, to accept what is new, and to renew what needs to be renewed. The winter gave you time to reflect, and it is now time to go forward with confidence on your path.

Lots of poets, writers, philosophers, and people who made an influence on humanity spoke and wrote about this crucial season of the year. Those writings are now quoted, and some use them as their motto in life.

In this article, we discuss several points such as:

* What is the meaning of spring?
* What are the most popular quotes about spring?
* What are the best spring flowers?
* Gibran Khalil Gibran
* Tips on using spring quotes.

What Is the Meaning of Spring?

The season of spring is related to the different elements; the first one is air. It represents the breath of life, the inspiration, the growth as well as the sense of communication. Spring is also the period in which you inhale new fresh air.

Out of the four compass directions, east is related to spring, because it is the direction from where the sun rises every day in the morning. From there, sunlight gushes out and illuminates the earth. East represents the daily renewal, how the emerging day comes. After many dark and cold winter months, it is the right season to worship your light.

Both air and east are elements that also refers to the birds, which joyfully announce spring. They symbolically stand as the ambassadors of the gods, providing humankind with creativity, pleasure, and revival.

What Are the Most Popular Quotes about Spring?

Spring is a season of rebirth, fresh starts, and good weather. Over the years, poets, writers, philosophers, and people who influenced humankind wrote something about this fabulous season. Some of those writings have been successful, some not. Here are the most famous quotes about spring.

Gibran Khalil Gibran wrote in his book “Sand and Foam”: “The Flowers of spring are the dreams of winter told, in the morning, at the table of Angels.”

The philosopher Aristotle said: “A single swallow does not make spring; a single moral act does not make virtue.”

Anne Bradstreet wrote: “If there were no winter, spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not taste adversity, success would not be so appreciated.”

Prince of the Line and Adrien de Montluc wrote: “A girl without a friend is spring without a rose.”

What Are the Best Spring Flowers?

When spring arrives, the most beautiful garden flowers bloom to expose their charming colors and subtle scents. All the plants that flower in this season of the year are spectacular.

Magnolia grows throughout the spring and in the summer. It is valued for its evergreen leaves and its stylish, fragrant blossoms. Myosotis is a spring perennial flower that is a great symbol of this time of year. It can grow everywhere: in rock gardens, beds or meadows.

Marie’s heart is a part of the spring perennial flowers; it does not go unseen with its two-toned heart-shaped flowers suspended from an elegant and arched stem. Tulips can decorate your bedding for up to two months with their lovely colors. You can find more than 5,000 varieties of different tulips available in the world.

Gibran Khalil Gibran

Khalil Gibran, a talented writer, philosopher, poet, and painter, is among those who illuminated the world with the genius of their creativity. Gibran’s poems have now been translated across the globe into many languages and his paintings are appreciated in the greatest capitals.

Gibran wrote, “The flowers of spring are the dreams of winter told, in the morning, at the table of angels”. The message behind this quote is there is always work behind every beautiful end. Every hard road leads to a beautiful end, and Gibran illustrated it with seasons: Spring and winter.

Winter is dark and hard, all one can wish for during this season is a sunny day where he can enjoy a walk. If one does not live the harshness of winter, he may not be able to enjoy the joyfulness of spring. Therefore, if one does not struggle for his dreams and goals, they can always be just dreams.

Tips on Using Quotes about Spring

Quotes about spring can be used in many ways. For instance, while offering a bouquet to a person who has just passed a bad period of their life, adding a simple quote about spring could be a game-changer and make their day happier.

If you are sending flowers to your college or sibling who just got married, make sure to add a quote about spring to wish them a good start on their new journey.

To sum up, quotes about spring are suitable for almost every occasion. To congratulate, to support or to celebrate, they are your go-to cards.

The Anglo-Saxon goddess of abundance and fertility, Easter, has an interesting story during spring. Legend has it that one day she turned the bird that came with her to earth into a rabbit. The bird was doomed to remain like that until the spring equinox, at which time Easter would recover all her abilities. The spring came and the bird regained his original shape and lay his eggs again. For this reason, we celebrated this memorial of Easter with painted egg donations to ensure the arrival of spring.

From this article, we conclude that spring is a season of writers. Over the centuries, it gathered much history. Nowadays, quotes about spring remain very famous in the world due to their deep meaning and their sense of renewal.

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