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Who isn’t familiar with the Halloween tradition? Every year, on the night of 31 October, the streets are awash with ghoulish monsters, loathsome zombies, ghastly ghosts, fun-loving friends and trick-or-treating. Every house and building turns out their lights to call forth the world of darkness, while youngsters dance the night of horrors away in a parallel world.

costume halloween con fiori

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On this special night, flowers and Halloween flowers also play a part, albeit a more discreet one, in shades of orange, red and dark colours deliberately chosen to stir the feelings typically associated with this feast. Girls dress up in costumes, adorning their hair and skirts with flowers, to look both feminine and zombie-like at the same time.

Chrysanthemums, flowers apt for tragic events, gerberas and roses become special Halloween accessories. They can also be used for decorating the house, to add a touch of lightheartedness and style to the lives of humans and ghosts.

For instance, yellow, red and white flowers can be used to decorate doorways and porches, arranged inside the typical Halloween pumpkins, as if they were vases. And why don’t you give treat-or-trickers a colourful and fragrant flower instead of the usual sweet treats?

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Have you thought of any other ways to use flowers on the feast of Halloween? Do tell us in the comments section below this post! 

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