International gifts delivery: The ugliest gifts ever sent

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Due to the sheer quantity of gifts that are sent, some are bound to be way off the mark. What is the worst gift you’ve ever received? However bad it was, we are sure it can’t match the following ugly gifts. It would take a lot for that to happen! Here at FloraQueen we are proud of our international gifts delivery, so you can rest assured, none are like which you are about to see!

THE UGLIEST GIFTS EVER SENT as an international gifts delivery

a gravy jug? 

international gifts delivery mug


I’ve seen some horrendous gifts in my time, but imagine opening a present to see this inside! It’s fair to say this would be sent straight to the back of the cupboard and would not be used to pour gravy onto my roast dinner!

the ugliest shoes ever seen

international gifts delivery shoes


If someone said that they were going to get you a pair of high heels as a present, you would be excited right? What will they be? A pair from Prada or Louis Vuitton? Sadly not in this case! These must be the ugliest pair of shoes to have ever been made. If you were ever gifted these shoes we hope you can get them back with something equally as ugly next year!

a v neck crossed with a turtle neck!  

international gifts delivery


The motto of “never let other people do your clothes shopping” would definitely apply if a relative or friend were to buy you this monstrosity. A v neck alone would be bad, do you remember this episode of The Inbetweeners where Will’s mum bought him one? But to add a turtle neck and now you are witnessing probably the ugliest piece of clothing imaginable!

the worst of all christmas sweaters

international gifts delivery sweater


Christmas sweaters are pretty ugly even at the best of times, aren’t they? However, this sweater is on another level! Who would think that the rear end of a reindeer is what people would like to see on a top?

could you drink out of this mug?

international gifts delivery toilet mug


Even if you know this is tea, would you be able to bring yourself to drink it? Without being crude, we all know what this looks like. When full, can you think of an uglier gift to receive?

only acceptable when you have no company 

international gifts delivery


Whilst these onion-chopping goggles may be a practical tool, they are possibly the ugliest glasses that you could hope to find! If you have any credibility don’t allow anyone, I repeat anyone, to see you in these. It would be gone in an instant! If you were to receive an international gifts delivery and have these wide rims staring at you, you would be in for quite a shock.

Which of these is the ugliest gift in your opinion? It will be a hard call, they’re all so bad! Make sure you get it right next time you send an international gifts delivery and choose FloraQueen! Take a look at our gifts catalogue here.

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