Customer Of The Month: Floral Thanks From Canada to Egypt

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One of the great things about modern life is that making and maintaining friendships almost anywhere in the world is easy. No matter where you meet, keeping in contact has never been easier with social media and mobile technology. The same could be said for sending flowers.

As an international florist, we’re lucky enough to be able to help blooming friendships almost anywhere in the world, which was precisely the case for Sharri Hamelin our customer of the month for December. Sharri wanted to thank a friend who had helped her out whilst travelling in Egypt and came to us to make it happen.

We’ll let Sharri tell you a little about her experience of sending thank you flowers from Canada to Egypt.

Can you tell us about yourself in a few words?

My name is Sharri Hamelin I am 43, live in Ontario Canada and I have a passion for travelling.

How did you first hear about FloraQueen?

I was browsing the internet for a floral company that could deliver to Egypt. That is when I found FloraQueen.

Who did you buy this bouquet for and what was the occasion?

My husband and I were recently travelling to Cairo from Canada. While at the airport we met a young lady from Cairo. We began to chat and she shared with us highlights of the city and must see and dos while we were there. Her name was Sarah. I was struck by Sara’s kindness and positive personality.
She shared information with us about her family and life in general. My husband and I had a fabulous time visiting Giza. We were able to enjoy many of the suggestions Sara shared with us. When I got home to Canada I wanted to share my appreciation with her. I chose to send her FloraQueen’s Floral Wonderland bouquet of Gerberas as a thank you gift.

What was the reaction of your recipient?

The day after Sara’s flowers arrived I received a text from her. She said that the flowers made her smile and brightened her day. She asked that we keep in touch. It made me feel good that I was able to make her smile.

Do you usually keep flowers at home?

Not always but my husband often sends me flowers at work.

Why do you think flowers are the best way to make someone smile?

I know how special they make me feel, so I like to send flowers to my family and friends whenever possible.

What is the one thing you would recommend about FloraQueen over everything else?

I found the process of ordering flowers extremely quick and easy. There was a wide selection of bouquets and I was able to find a unique and modern floral arrangement with little effort. Something that stood out was that I received a confirmation for my order immediately. I would recommend FloraQueen to all of my friends and family, as it’s sometimes hard to find businesses that are reliable and offer an excellent product.

There’s nothing more special for us than helping friendships blossom all over the world than a beautiful bouquet of flowers and we’d, of course, like to thank Sharri for telling her story. Who will you be surprising with flowers in December? Be sure to share in the comments. Perhaps the next story featured will be yours?

Send a beautiful message of thanks with one of our thank you bouquets today. Remember we can deliver in over 100 countries worldwide so no matter where you meet new friends, you can thank them for being there for you.

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