Tips for Giving Remembrance Gifts

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Remembrance gifts are a great gift to people who have lost a loved one. During the heart-wrenching experience of a loss, any trinkets of hope, reminders of the good times, and practical support and care go a long way. Giving remembrance gifts doesn’t have to be very complex.

In this article, we cover the basics of giving remembrance gifts:

  • What is a remembrance gift?
  • Where can I find a remembrance gift?
  • Remembrance gift ideas
  • The timing of the gift

What Is a Remembrance Gift?

Remembrance or memorial gifts are for people who have lost a loved one. These gifts take various forms, and we are going to look at these later in the article. The purpose of the gift is to convey condolences and provide comfort to the bereaved person. The gift can be displayed in public or in private. It can be put up at the funeral home or placed in the garden or home of the bereaved.

Remembrance gifts are usually something that endures like an ornament, framed photo, or memorial stone. These gifts help the bereaved to celebrate the memory of the departed. Weeks, months, and even years after the death, these gifts are appreciated and cherished. They can be a great source of comfort and solace. It’s not always possible to be there with the bereaved at all times during their season of mourning, but a sympathy gift can be a powerful token for them to have during those hard moments.

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Where Can I Find a Remembrance Gift?

There are many places to buy remembrance gifts. It all depends on what you want to give. You can buy them ready-made, get them custom-made, get them personalized, and even make them yourself.

These gifts are available in grocery stores, gift shops, pharmacies, and even markets. One place that has a wide range of gift options is the internet. It’s easy to order a gift online and have it delivered to you or directly to the bereaved. Online shopping for remembrance gifts has the added benefits of ease, convenience, and greater variety.

Remembrance Gift Ideas

Don’t know what gift to give a friend who is grieving? Then, you have come to the right place. We have put together a list of gift ideas. You can find something suitable and practical, whatever the relationship, budget, and timeline. To help you pick a gift, also consider the life and interests of the departed. Ask yourself what kind of memorabilia could honor their contributions, hobbies, and values they lived by during their life.

Here are a few remembrance gift ideas:

  • Tangible gifts such as ornaments, sculptures, garden stones, picture frames, and crosses, candles, and angels are some of the options. These can be personalized by imprinting or engraving some personal details of the departed. You can also add a short condolence message.
  • Monetary gifts are another option. This money can be used in many different ways. For someone who was heavily involved in charity work and community building, for example, donating to their favorite charity could be a fitting tribute to them.
  • Creative gifts include handmade and handcrafted ornaments. The love and detail you put into one these can go a long way and mean a lot to the recipient. What is particularly great about these gifts is that they are one-of-a-kind. There are a lot of professionals who can craft these unique gifts, complete with the departed details for personalization. Examples of these gifts include hand-blown ornaments and other keepsakes. The more personal they are, the better.
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If you are still looking for inspiration about what gift to give, have a look at the options available in different stores and online as well. You might find something that resonates with the kind of person the departed was. This gift is likely to be more meaningful and precious to the bereaved because it can remind them of the loved one they have lost.

The Timing of the Gift

One of the most commonly asked questions about remembrance gifts is when to give them. Various times work. Some give gifts before the funeral, and others give them in the days and weeks afterward. When you are unable to pay your respects immediately, this can also affect when you can present your condolence gift.

Giving a gift during the sensitive period of loss requires some thought. The bereaved are experiencing a lot of pain, whether or not the death of their loved one was expected. On top of their pain and sadness, they also have to make funeral arrangements and communicate with a whole host of different people and parties. Timing your sympathy gift is important.

Before the funeral and the days immediately afterward is the hardest time for the bereaved. The best gifts at that time include flowers, food, and other practical assistance. About a month after the funeral, when the loss is starting to settle in, remembrance gifts are well-appreciated. These lasting gifts bring comfort at a time of loneliness. They make it easy to cherish the memory.

Another time to give remembrance gifts is on the first anniversary of the death of their loved one. As the bereaved commemorates this occasion, remembrance gifts such as garden stones and remembrance ornaments are a fitting tribute. It lets the person know that they are still in your thoughts and prayers. It can mean a lot for them to know that they are not alone even a year after a very painful loss. It is also a great way to pay honor and respect to the departed and their memory.

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You cannot take away the pain that someone close to you experiences after the death of a loved one. Death is inevitable. You can, however, show your care, honor the departed, and try to bring comfort where possible. Remembrance gifts are great tokens of comfort and respect during the grieving period. When the dust of the funeral has settled, a meaningful remembrance gift can help the bereaved honor and cherish the memory of the person they lost. In this article, our goal was to explain what remembrance gifts are, give some practical examples, and offer advice about timing your gifts well.