Birthday Surprise

birthday suprise

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When celebrating a birthday, the most anticipated moment, beyond the gift itself, is often the receiver’s reaction. Seeing the look of surprise, emotion or even the tears of joy on the face of the person celebrating their birthday is the greatest reward for the hours spent wracking your brains over thinking up and bringing the surprise to fruition.

However, having organised or attended many birthday celebrations, it might be hard to be original. So you will have to outdo yourself to become a real strategist and be sure to surprise him/her. Nothing could be better than spicing up the everyday life of your loved ones and making them feel special!

We want to give you some ideas for wonderful birthday surprises. Ideas for surprising, delighting and, above all, sharing moments that will be forever etched on your memory. Ideas that cater for every age group and every budget!

  • A Special Day

Think of all the things he/she loves, such as their favourite place where they spent afternoons in their youth, your meeting place, their former primary school or even their childhood home.

One gift is good but several are even better! Why not give them several surprises throughout the day, saving the best one for last.

Surprise idea for your beloved: Stick a post-it love note to the bathroom mirror. Then get a stunning bouquet of flowers delivered to their workplace and make their workmates green with envy. Round off the evening by preparing a romantic candlelit dinner. Not bad, eh?

  • Be creative!
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For those of you who are more imaginative, write them a song or put together a choreography. Check out some surprise ideas below that might inspire you.

Feel free to share your ideas with us to give our readers some food for thought!

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