Celebrate Your 30th Birthday with This Amazing Bucket List

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Your 30th birthday is a milestone that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s a time to celebrate with friends and family and mark your next chapter in your life. When you are finally in your 30s, you should feel more established and secure in yourself. There are numerous ways to celebrate this monumental day with your nearest and dearest. If you are still trying to decide what to do for your birthday, here are some 30th birthday ideas to get the ball rolling.

In this article, you are going to learn:

  • Ideas on self-care
  • Fun escapes you should be planning
  • Adventurous experiences to share with friends
  • Simple fun that can be memorable

Take Care of Yourself

Even though you are turning the big 3-0, that doesn’t mean you should stop prioritizing your needs. You still need to put yourself first at times for mental and physical peace. The following shortlist has great ways to celebrate you.

Buy Yourself FlowersYou should start your big day out by buying yourself flowers. When you decorate your living space with blooms that you love, it is the perfect way to welcome the 30s in. Bright colors and fragrant smells can last for weeks and make you smile every time you walk through the door.

Spa Day—Take yourself and your closest friends with you to enjoy a spa day. Numerous places offer a long menu of treatments that are meant to soothe and relax. You can choose from group massages, facials, manicures, or anything in between. Some spas even have a day of pampering where you can spend all afternoon surrounded by those you love while you beautify yourself. They offer meals and other comforts to make you feel like a queen.

Meditation—Meditation is a powerful way to clear your mind and cleanse the spirit. It connects you to the source of creation and allows you to feel one with nature and your environment. Using meditation and yoga is a wonderful way to usher in your 30s. This milestone should be a peaceful time where you can enjoy life and what it has to offer you.

Fun Escapes

Why not go away on a trip with your closest friends? There are so many options to choose from—one is bound to tickle your fancy.

Backpacking—You can pick a location you have always wanted to go. Start to plan some time away to go backpacking and explore the different sights. This type of trip could mean a journey to Hawaii, California, or a country thousands of miles away! Why not set your sights on someplace where you have always dreamed of visiting? This trip could be an epic vacation to cross off your bucket list!

Winery Visit—There are so many wineries across the country the offer a day of wine tasting and dining. Some locations even offer accommodations that allow you to stay on-site, so you are never too far away from all the fun! Enjoy peaceful walks in the countryside and have memorable talks with best friends. What more could you ask for?

Camping—If you and your friends love to be in nature, why not go on a camping trip for a few days. Being off the grid can help you recharge and feel at peace. If the thought of sleeping in a tent isn’t appealing to you, find a place that offers cabins in the woods. A long weekend of getting back to the basics can make your first day of your 30s memorable.

Fun Activities

Sometimes, you want to let loose and party. Having your 30th birthday party among hundreds of other people can be invigorating and just what the doctor ordered!

Pub Crawl—If you live in or near a city with a thriving nightlife, consider going on a pub walk with your friends. You may be turning 30, but it doesn’t mean you’re dead! Visit your favorite bars and enjoy the music and time with your besties. Don’t forget to take pictures of the epic night, either. These types of memories cannot be forgotten!

Deep-Sea Diving—Marine life is amazing up close. When you take a deep-sea diving or snorkeling adventure, you can reach out and touch the secret life that is just beneath the water’s surface. This once in a lifetime opportunity can be life changing.

Skydiving—If you prefer the sky to the water, then suit up and go skydiving! There are a lot of reputable companies that offer this thrill. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or have been skydiving before, jumping out of a plane never gets old! If you are uncomfortable going at it alone, tandem skydiving allows you to jump with a trained professional.

Simple Fun

If you are not the adventuresome type, there are plenty of things to do at or near home to mark your birthday. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or invest hours of time and energy either. Just have fun with it!

House Party—Throwing a house party is always fun. When you invite some of your favorite people to help you celebrate turning 30, it can be a spectacular celebration. You don’t even have to do the dirty work. Ask your friends to chip in. They can help plan, decorate, and organize the event. You can have the party catered or request a potluck lunch or dinner. There are endless possibilities!

Shopping—Going on a shopping spree can be freeing. Retail therapy can calm any nerves about entering your 30s as you focus on expanding your wardrobe! You can go with a group or by yourself, whatever makes you happy. Don’t forget to round up any gift cards before you leave the house. Set a budget, and shop ‘til you drop!

Turning 30 doesn’t have to be a snooze fest. There are hundreds of ways to welcome this new decade that are entertaining and life changing. Sit down with your group of friends to figure out the best way for you to have a memorable night or weekend away from home. The sky is the limit! There is no excuse not to make your birthday magical!

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