Happy Birthday Friend: How to Plan and Celebrate Your Friend’s Birthday

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Friendship is a wonderful relationship between two people who are not related or dating…and many times, these relationships can be just as strong, or stronger, than the relationships you have with your family or spouse.

Friendship can take many forms, such as a mutual support or someone to listen to. You can also see your friend as someone with whom you can exchange advice, support, or admire. A best friend also serves as a confidant and trusting support person.

For all these reasons, the birthday of your dear friend is an important occasion. It is the date when he or she is born, like a beautiful present. It is common in many cultures to celebrate this occasion by hosting a party and offering gifts to the person concerned. It is one of the best occasions to celebrate, as it is only one day a year that they can truly celebrate themselves.

In this article, we are going to talk about the following:

What is a Birthday?

A birthday is a date when the birth occurred. It is common in many cultures to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of our loved ones by hosting a party and offering gifts to the person concerned. It is the perfect occasion to please them more than we usually do and fulfill some of their desires.

A birthday is often considered a special day for the person, who usually receives special attention from relatives and friends. This is especially true for children, who look forward to their birthday. For adults, it could be the opposite, because they hate to remember that they are continuously aging. On this special occasion, people often receive gifts on their birthday. It is also customary to send a birthday card to the birthday person, especially when you are not physically present to wish them a Happy Birthday and celebrate with them this special occasion.

Some History about Birthdays

The Greeks used to believe that each human had a protective spirit who attends his birth and watches over him during his life to protect him and guide him. This spirit was in mystical relation with the god whose birthday corresponded to the day of birth of this individual. The Romans also subscribed to this idea. This belief still exists as “a guardian angel,” “spirit guide,” or even as a “fairy godmother.”

The custom of lighting candles on cakes began with the Greeks. They used to bake honey cakes, round like the shape of the moon, lit by candles, and then placed on the altars of the temple of Diana. There is a common belief about candles having the magic power of making wishes come true.

Nowadays, a birthday is one of the most special days for a person each year. They usually receive special attention, sweet gifts, and amazing messages from their relatives and friends.

Habits of Celebrating Birthdays

A birthday is this very special occasion when your happy friend receives this very special attention from his relatives and friends. It is HIS day. The birthday cake is traditionally a richly decorated cake, with different shapes and flavors, and candles whose number, arrangement or shape represent the age of the person. To make the effect more spectacular, this cake is presented with the candles lit, after reducing the brightness of the room. This gives the special “fireworks” effect and makes the spectacle more enjoyable.

After this, the birthday person can formulate a wish internally, and then extinguish the candles by blowing them out. All the candles should be extinguished at once, and only then, the wishes can be fulfilled. The wish should remain secret, or else it will not come true. It is very common for the birthday person to cut the first part of their sweet birthday cake and take a bite before the rest of their guests.

Ideas for a Surprise Party 

When you want to organize an original surprise birthday, it is not about missing out or being short of ideas. The real challenge is by keeping the secret while having ideas for an original surprise. Do not worry about this, because we are here to help you with ideas for activities and parties that are sure to delight the person you want to spoil.

You can start this birth anniversary day with a well-thought first surprise. A friendly breakfast surrounded by nature, a brunch in his or her favorite cafe, a morning at the spa … It is up to you to see what activity can surprise him / her early in the morning. You can also plan a picnic or a meal at a restaurant. Use all the ways you can have to distract them and make them forget about the best part of this day: their birthday party!

Possible Theme for the Party

It is sometimes a challenge to find the perfect theme, the right decoration, and to manage everything in time. However, what a real pleasure to imagine and organize this event that you can share with your loved ones. This time, you intend to surprise your dear friend! You can choose to organize a party for him or her. Alternatively, a color party theme can be a good option; all you have to do is to choose a specific color and inform the guests.

Another good idea for a birthday party could be a “destination party.” With this, you can take your dear friend on a virtual trip! From the traditional cuisine of the country to the decor, including the clothing, take your guests to the end of the world! You can, for example, rely on a country theme or a travel atmosphere.

Decoration Ideas for the Party 

It is difficult to organize a party without thinking of the decoration. What is sure is that you want stylish birthday decor, some that is easy and quick to make. For this, you should keep it simple with birthday garland, candles, paper lanterns, and other curtains and wall decorations. In short, the essentials for successful party decor!

Additionally, you can add a birthday theme that works with original birthday decorations for the places, and the appropriate birthday table decor. All the details are very important to make this day special and memorable. Do not forget to add his or her good friends, loved ones, good food, some music, and a great atmosphere, and voila!

However, make sure to not spend too much on the decoration. It is not wise, and eco-unfriendly! It could be smarter to invest more in a useful gift, than on decorations or the cake.

How your Party May Affect Your Dear Friend

A birthday is an amazing occasion to bring happiness and do something special for this dear friend who has always been close to you and by your side. It is a very important event that you don’t want to ruin or forget. Above all, no matter how you intend to celebrate it, keep in mind that your friend appreciates all of the effort you are going to put into it, so do not try to make it too complicated. Do things simply and naturally, as you always do.

However, be aware that some people do not like surprise parties for their birthday. They prefer to know what is coming and are not particularly fond of surprises. We advise you that before you decide to throw a big surprise for your friend, make sure that this is something they are going to appreciate, and choose wisely who you are going to invite.

Ideas for Your Gift Card 

Here are some messages you can use to wish a happy birthday to your dear friend:

  • “On this very special day, I take a little time to wish you the happiest birthday ever.”
  • “I cannot be here tonight, but I wanted you to know how dear you are to me.”
  • “May your birthday be rich in gifts and filled with unforgettable moments.”
  • “May this new year of life bring you even more wisdom, and maturity, while keeping the touch of craziness that makes your personality. Happy birthday!”
  • “I am delighted to be present among those who wish you the best on this special birthday.”
  • “I hope that this year is going to be full of happiness thanks to all your friends and loved ones.”
  • “May our friendship give you the strength necessary to find and carry out this life.” 

Ideas for Gifts for Your Friend 

You surely want to offer your friend something that can show how dear he or she is to you, but you are afraid to choose something he or she may not like. Since this person is probably a dear friend to you, you should have a good idea of what he likes to do. It should be safe if you give him or her something that matches his or her interests, or better yet, that helps him or her do a loved activity.

You can choose to buy something practical. It is a sure way to please your friend with an object that can be useful to him. For example, if your friend spends a lot of time working out, you might want to give him weight gloves, gym shorts, or even a few dumbbells at home. This kind of gift shows that you pay attention to what he likes. 

When to be more Cautious About Your Friend’s Birthday 

Every birthday is special, but some are more special than others, which gives this yearly occasion some specificities. As the good friend you are, you should be aware of this. For example, a common belief is related to the 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th birthday, that people sometimes don’t want to celebrate.

In many countries, there is a special age for being officially an adult, to legally acquire different rights and responsibilities such as voting, the right to consume certain substances (for example alcohol or tobacco), driver’s license, etc. In countries where it is forbidden to consume alcohol before a certain age, it is often the practice to get drunk with your friends as soon as you reach the legal age.

Many cultures place importance on certain birthdays. In Jewish families, boys celebrate Bar Mitzvah on their 13th birthday. Girls, meanwhile, celebrate Bat Mitzvah on their 12th or 13th birthday. 

Perfect Flowers to Show Love and Friendship 

To celebrate the birthday of a dear friend, a bouquet of pink roses can do just fine, as can yellow tulips, and daffodils.

You can also give yellow roses, as yellow is the color to symbolize light, heat, and the sun. The yellow rose is ideal for expressing your friendly feelings. However, beware because, in the language of flowers, it can also express betrayal. To avoid any ambiguity; do not forget to add a note to your bouquet.

The peony is a large, solitary, fragrant, and generous flower that always brightens our springs. It symbolizes friendship, modesty, and shyness. However, yellow begonias are the flowers most associated with friendship. It is a bright flower and is also edible. Carnations are also part of our list of best flowers to show friendship because they are simply beautiful. When they are yellow, they also symbolize friendship and loyalty.

Flowers Depending on the Birthday Month  

Each month has its own flower and recently it has become very popular for choosing birthday bouquets. From January to August, here are some examples.

January flower is carnation. It means love and tenderness. It is a very popular choice for many bouquets; Carnations are available in a number of different colors. For February, choose violet, to mean truth and loyalty. They are most often available in purple and white.

For March, choose daffodil. It is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. This flower is strongly associated with spring and new life.

For April, the flower to choose is the daisy. It means commemoration, cheerfulness, happiness, and innocence. For May, the flower is lily. Lilies are associated with many things, including beauty, gentleness, and humility. For June, choose a rose flower, as a symbol for your love and worship. For July, choose larkspur or water lily. Gladioli are perfect for August. 

Colors for Friendship 

In the language of flowers, each flower is associated with the expression of a feeling. The color plays a lot in the meaning we give it. For example, red is an aggressive color, which expresses the ardor and warmth of feelings. The red flower is used to make a declaration of passionate love to the loved one. The white symbolizes purity, but also refinement and elegance. The purple flower typically expresses the delicacy and depth of feelings.

If you want to express your friendship, there are two colors able to fulfill this: yellow and pink. Yellow is a color that evokes light, the sun, and harmony. The yellow flowers can, therefore, express happiness and simply the joy of living. Pink evokes softness and tenderness. Your pink flowers are the best tool to express your feeling of friendship and your tender love for this dear friend.

The Perfect Birthday Bouquet 

For a birthday, sending flowers is a sweet gesture. Choose the right birthday bouquet in accordance with the month and the personality and the tastes of your recipient to offer a unique moment of emotion for their birthday.

There are different flowers you can choose to put in your bouquet, and that can certainly deliver your message of sweet friendship, such as the classic roses, the elegant lilies, the bright carnation, the sweet daisies, or the shy peony.

For your choice, there are many details to take into consideration. You can either respect your friend’s favorite colors or choose them based on the famous language of flowers. We advise that you choose a pink, white, or yellow color. If you want to deliver the bouquet to a workplace for a better surprise, choose a flower arrangement that does not require a vase and can be easily transported.

How your Flowers May Affect the Mood of Your Dear Friend

Nature is a source of secrets and wonders that never cease to surprise and amaze the minds of human beings. Among them, we can count flowers, those pure visual and olfactory pleasures with a measurable impact on the mood. Recent researches are trying to quantify scientifically the effect on the receiver and the sender.

A 2018 study called “The Impact of Flowers on Perceived Stress in Women” concluded that adding flowers to indoor environments could have a significant reduction in their level of stress. Therefore, it is recommended to give your interior space a touch of different colors.

In prestigious universities such as Harvard, behavioral researches were done to quantify the real effect of flowers. They were able to demonstrate their unique ability to make people much happier and to improve relationships between individuals.

Your dear friend and you have so much in common. You have similar interests, moral values, and tastes. He or she always gave you mutual aid, listening, and exchanging advice, and support. This person is also your best confidant, and your trustful support, which is why this person really does deserve the best on her birthday.

You may put much effort to make the party, the gifts, the beautiful messages, and the amazing flowers, but it can certainly bring happiness and joy to this dear person to you.

We gave you in this article the best ideas to make this occasion special, amazing, and meaningful, so make sure to enjoy the moment with your dear friend and bring some happiness in their heart!

However, do not forget that the amazing thing about this all is not how much your party is successful, or how good is your gift, because you are the best present they ever had in their life!

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