The Best Gift Ideas to Say “Happy Birthday Son” to Your Teenager

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If you have a teenage son, you know what a unique period this is in his life. Getting a birthday gift for your son is an opportunity to spoil him. This year, say “Happy birthday son” with one of our great birthday gift ideas. Teenagers can be very picky and hard to please, but our suggestions give you the inspiration you need to pick something he loves.

In this article, we are going to discuss some great gift ideas for a teenager:

  • Tech gift ideas
  • Comfy and cozy gifts
  • For sports fans
  • Young man gifts

Tech Gift Ideas

Most young people today have grown up around a lot of technology.  They love their gadgets, so if you buy him one of these for his birthday, you are going to make his day. Drones are currently very trending. If your son is into photography or has shown an interest in drones, this could make for a great gift.

Another great tech gift is a new phone. While you’re at it, you could also look into some cool accessories such as a phone case. Teens also love their music so you could pick some cool new headphones or portable speakers. A wireless charger also makes a nifty and useful present. The best part about a lot of the tech gift ideas is that they are items that are frequently used. You are not going to find your gift tucked away in the box for long. A fancy high-tech alarm clock also falls into this category.

Gaming is a very big area, and a lot of teens spend much of their free time playing video games. Why not look into the latest gaming console for him or some cool new controls? Many board games around these days are remakes of old traditional favorites. With the use of tech gadgets and phone apps, many of these games are exciting to play, whether as a family or with friends. Your son is sure to enjoy being the owner of an exciting new game.

Many young people these days are getting more involved in technology and coding. If your son is serious about computer classes at school or has shown some interest or potential in coding, this could be a great gift opportunity. There are programing and coding games, subscriptions, classes, and kits for beginners. Putting some of these tools into his hands could be just the inspiration and preparation he needs to launch him into his career. Some coding and electronic kits allow beginners to make real things such as controlled cars, lighting, games, and beginner phone apps. Perhaps your son is an engineer or programmer in the making. He could be the inventor of the next big thing.

Comfy and Cozy Gifts

Does your young man enjoy being at home or outdoors? Why not look into some comfortable and high-quality shorts for him. You could also score big with a nice pair of sneakers. These could be from a label he loves or from a celebrity he follows. Depending on his sense of fashion and style, you could look into some comfortable jogger pants or a nice jacket. There are a lot of cool fashion trends for the youth. Get him some new swag.

For Sports Fans

If your son is a big sports fan, there are many gift ideas around this theme alone. Whether it is football, baseball, track, basketball, tennis, or another sport that he is into, there is a lot of merchandise available. If he plays sport actively, you could look into getting him some new gear such as balls, bats, and protective gear. If he watches sports mostly, you can get him the shirt or cap of his favorite player or team.

Does your son like skating? Then a cool skateboard could be an awesome gift. Some sports and games can be played for recreation at home. These are worth considering because they give your teenager some more options of what to do with his friends and siblings. While tech gifts and gaming ideas are great, it’s always beneficial when you can get your son away from a screen and actively enjoying an alternative form of entertainment. A mini-basketball arcade game is a good gift. It is even better if it’s a dual-shot one. A table tennis set could also be a great choice if you have a game room or an alternative space where this could be set up.

Young Man Gifts

The teenage years are the wobbly transition to adulthood. Your son is becoming a man. If he is around 17, 18, or 19 years, you might think of getting him something appropriate for a young man. A well-picked gift could be just the thing that says you are proud of the young man he is and is becoming.

This gift could be anything such as a great tie, a good suit, or even great socks. You could even give him a shopping voucher to try out a clothing store he hasn’t tried before. A cologne sampler set is also a good idea because it gives your son the chance to try out great manly scents before he goes for a larger bottle of one particular scent.

If you are worried about getting your son something he doesn’t like, there are ways to get around that. For one, most places offer gift receipts, so he can change your gift for something else he likes at the same shop. Another option is to get him a gift card instead of a physical gift. He can then visit his favorite store or shop online for the gift of his choice. He may even love the fact that he gets to choose something for himself.

We hope that the gift ideas here give you some inspiration about a special way to say “Happy birthday son” to your teenager. We can all admit that shopping for teenage boys isn’t the easiest. When you look along these suggested lines, however, you can find something he absolutely loves.

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