Is There Anything Wrong with Giving Flowers as Fathers Day Gifts?

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When it comes to giving fathers day gifts, most people think of ties, shirts, golf clubs, and the like. Of course, these things are practical and can be quite useful. However, gifts can also be frivolous and fun. The goal should be to bring joy and happiness first and foremost.

In this article, we are going to discuss:

* Why you should give dads flowers for Father’s Day
* What types of flowers should you give your dad?
* Other gift ideas
* How to order flowers and when

Why You Should Give Dads Flowers for Father’s Day

Many dads think that they shouldn’t get gifts on Father’s Day because they don’t do that much. Moms always get special presents, but many times, dads say they don’t want anything at all. When that happens, you can give in to their wishes, or you can choose to surprise them.

Often, it is better to do the latter. They aren’t expecting it, which can bring forth a real and sentimental moment. Now, the question is what to get them. Does your dad play golf? Do you want to do something different and unique?

Flowers are often overlooked as a present for dads. However, it can be a great Fathers Day gift because you can customize the bouquet or arrangement based on his preferences. You can also include other presents along with the flowers.

Most people think that it is inappropriate to give dads flowers, but you give them to your mom on Mother’s Day. In the past, there had been some stigma about giving men flowers, and it was considered feminine. However, things have changed, and more men wish that women gave them flowers for special occasions. You can do something unexpected and stigma-breaking with your special gift.

What Types of Flowers Should You Give Your Dad?

While you can give your dad any type of flowers, it is often best to think about what they like. Does your dad have a favorite flower? Shockingly, many men do, so it can help to give him that. If you don’t know what it is because he never talks about it, consider his favorite color.

You cannot go wrong when you choose sunflowers, succulents, tulips, roses, and tropical flowers. Of course, you can go for potted plants, as well.

Now, the question becomes, do you give your dad a bouquet, flowers in a vase, or a potted arrangement? It ultimately depends on what your dad likes. Is he someone who dislikes throwing things away? Fresh-cut flowers are going to die eventually, and he might not want that. A potted plant might be a better choice in this case.

Does he have a vase or something to put the flowers in? If so, you may want to save some money and just get a bouquet. If he has nothing or you want to get him a specific vase for this special occasion, consider a set or buy a vase separately.

The good news is you can’t go wrong here. You’re giving your dad something that you think he is going to like. You want to brighten his day and let him experience the thrill of getting flowers on a special occasion. Don’t overthink things too much. Just browse the selection online and find something that calls to you or makes you think, “Dad is going to love this!”

Other Gift Ideas

Of course, many people forget that florists also have other gift options. Yes, flowers are the primary present, but you can also find stuffed animals, small balloons, large balloons, candy, and much more.

Some florists offer gift baskets, which can contain fruits, candies, and other unique items. You may also find candles available. The trick is to think of what your dad really likes. Does he often eat candy? If so, then you may want to get him a box of gourmet chocolate along with the flowers. Is he more of a health-food fanatic? You can often find nuts and fruits, some of which are exotic.

Regardless of what you pick, he is sure to love it. Fathers Day gifts don’t have to be hard to choose. Just put a little thought into the things your dad likes, and you’re sure to give him something he is going to love.

How to Order Flowers and When

Now that you know why you should give your dad flowers for Father’s Day and have an idea of what he wants, it’s time to order them. Hopefully, you have given yourself a few days to plan. That way, you aren’t rushed.

It’s often easier to go online to shop. That way, you can browse faster. Plus, many florists’ websites allow you to sort flowers by the occasion or person. This ensures that you can pick things that men are going to like or that are most appropriate for Father’s Day.

Keep in mind that you could always go with something that isn’t on the list by widening your search or browsing all flower types.

Once you’ve picked the bouquet or potted plant, you can add accessories. Consider a vase with a ribbon or something else that you think your dad is going to like. If you want to give other gifts, they are also available from the website. Just select what you need and add it to the cart.

Those who have given themselves some time can choose the date for delivery. If you’re in a rush and are ordering on Father’s Day, you might be able to request same-day delivery. It isn’t always possible, and florists are often extremely busy that day. Therefore, it’s best to plan ahead if at all possible.

Fathers Day gifts are something you should never ignore. This is a day to honor your dad and thank him for everything he has done for you throughout the years. If you just don’t know what to give him, flowers are always an excellent choice. They’re fragrant, cheerful, colorful, and can be customized in so many ways.