10 Activities to Make Mother’s Day Unforgettable This Year

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We all know we should mark Mother’s Day with something special, be it a gift or taking some time out to see your mom and make her feel happy. However, if you’re bored of doing the same things as every other year or you feel like mom deserves a more unique surprise, we’ve come up with 10 activities to make Mother‘s Day unforgettable. If you’re looking to do something different this year then give one our ideas a try.

Give her chocolate, with a difference

Chocolate fountain

If your mom has a sweet tooth but is used to getting a box of chocolates EVERY year, then try giving her the chocolate unboxed, melted and coating her favourite fruit. Chocolate fountains are a popular feature at parties, so why not add a bit of that fiesta feeling to Mother’s Day with one of her own.

Let her sleep in

Woman enjoying a lie in

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones. If you’re always keeping your mom busy then give her a morning off to relax and have some peace. It may not seem like much but she might really appreciate it.

Set up a Mimosa Bar

mimosas and flowers

Breakfast in bed has been done a million times. Why not do breakfast or brunch like adults by setting up a Mimosa bar for her. With a little fruit, juice, decorations and, of course, sparkling wine this is a quick and easy way to make her special day one to remember. Just don’t drink too much.

Make jewellery together

home made jewellery craftin

If your mother loves crafting, jewellery or both, then what better way to make your Mother’s Day gift stand out than by making it together. With a few simple tools, some beads or precious stones (even flowers) you can make your Mother’s Day gift the perfect chance to bond with her too, as well as having a cute memento to remember this year’s celebration.

Make her gift an adventure

Scavenger hunt flowers

Mothers are natural detectives (or at least it sometimes seems that way), so put her sleuthing skills to the test and make your surprise extra exciting by leading up to the big reveal with a series of clues or items. There are lots of clever ways to make your Mother’s Day mystery a fun memory for years to come.

Visit a vineyard together

beautiful green vineyard

If you and your mom both appreciate a good glass of wine, then maybe take her out to a vineyard to take in the scenery and see just where your favourite drink came from (and to try a little of the real article).

Take her to a spa

Relaxing spa decor

Its a classic gift but one that goes a long way to really thanking mom for everything she does for you. Make Mother’s Day a chance to relax and unwind to reward her for her Herculean efforts throughout the year.

Go out to a movie

old fashioned cinema projector

If your mom loves old movies, or just enjoys the experience of going to the cinema then make an event of it by treating her to a screening at your local theatre, or perhaps by setting up your own cinema experience at home of your favourite movie.

Go horseback riding

Horseback riding

Some moms love the call of the wild and getting outdoors in the fresh air, so why not take her out to ride horses on Mother’s Day this year. Whether she’s an experienced horse rider or a novice, give her a treat which is both energetic and exhilarating.

Make her dinner in the evening

Mystery dinner and red roses.

Even if you’re no master chef, with a little planning and preparation you can make her a special dinner that will provide the perfect finale to a perfect bonding day between mother and child.

However you decide to make this year’s celebration special for your mom, just make sure that you take the time to remind her just what an impact she has made to your life. Remember, everything we are today is thanks to a mom.

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