Terrible Gifts That Will Make Moms Cringe On Mother’s Day

Untitled design FloraQueen Terrible Gifts That Will Make Moms Cringe On Mother's Day

We’ve all given our moms terrible gifts at one time or another. From the clearly lacking art we gave her when we were five, or a terrible attempt at breakfast in bed from any age from 7 upwards, sometimes Mother’s Day gifts really don’t go to plan no matter hard you try. Fortunately, with her infinite patience she normally takes it with good humour and makes us feel special for trying anyway.

However, today we’re going to focus on some of truly awful gifts that would only be given by people who clearly had no good intentions (or ideas) or simply made zero effort at the last minute to send mom a a surprise on Mother‘s Day. Here are some examples of what not to give to Mother’s Day, unless you want to never speak to her again of course.


IOU on pinboard

It should be clear to anyone that this is a bad gift and one that should only lead to her presenting you with a bill for services rendered during your upbringing. Face it, she’s not into parenting for the salary. You’re a terrible person!

A gravestone

gravestone on white background

Moms spend enough time worrying about their loved ones’ mortality, the last thing they need is a reminder of their own! What’s wrong with you? Are you trying to send her some sort of a message!?

Cleaning products

Upset lady with cleaning products

That’s just mean. She may have spent a lot of your life cleaning up after you but she is most definitely not your servant!

Wrinkle cream


Are you saying she looks old? Because that’s what she’s probably hearing.

A book on parenting


That’s more than a little insulting for obvious reasons. She could certainly tell you a thing or two about raising problem children; as is evident by this gift ironically.

A tattoo dedicated to her

Mother tattoo on arm of man

It’s really not as flattering as you think it is. Also, it cost how much?!

A tattoo removal of a tattoo dedicated to her


Really, you decided to make this a thing two years in a row!? You’re an awful child!


unhappy woman with no gift

You didn’t get her anything? Even one of the above might be better than nothing.

As you can imagine if you give one of these gifts to your mom on May 13th this year you’ll probably find yourself on the fast track to being disowned and written out of her will. We hope that these examples will help you steer clear of giving any of these truly terrible gifts.

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