Gift and flower delivery ideas for this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching in the UK, with just over two weeks to go until your mum wakes up and expects a day of relaxation and luxury. We all want to be close to our mother’s on this special day, but sometimes other commitments or distance can get in the way. Thanks to FloraQueen, and our international flower delivery service on Mother’s Day, that doesn’t have to stop you from sending her a gift as a sign of your gratitude, and we’ll look at some of the best ideas here!



Carnations are a great flower to send to your mother on Mothering Sunday. Pink carnations represent thanks and gratitude, while red carnations are symbolic for admiration. If your mother is sadly no longer with us, then white carnations are traditionally used as a sign of remembrance for a mother on Mother’s Day.



Perfume is always an obvious choice as a gift for women, but which one?! This fragance, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique, is the perfect choice for any mother. With a smell based on amber wood and vanilla, with hints of roses, orange and ginger, you can ensure that your mum smells good as well as looks good as you celebrate Mothering Sunday this year.



The lily is well known by florists as a Mother’s favourite. On top of that, it is used in Chinese culture as a symbol of motherhood and respect. Lilies come in a range of types and colours, meaning that you can send a bouquet of flowers to your mother safe in the knowledge that it will be stunning. Day lilies are perfect for this occasion as they are known, particularly in China, to signify the devotion of a child to their mother and the devotion of a mother to their child.

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Chocolate, Cava and teddy bears


Has your mum gone the extra mile this year? Or just feel like showing her how much she means to you? Then spoil her with all the gifts she could possibly want. Let her relax in luxurious style thanks to your gift. The bottle of Freixenet Excelencia Brut cava brings sophistication and elegance, and the chocolates from Barcelona based chocolatier Farga will add a sweet touch. The teddy bears top off a great gift and will remind your mum of the times when it was her gifting you the soft toys!



A mature bunch of roses signifies thanks, and that’s what Mother’s Day is all about. A bouquet of pink roses is especially suited to Mother’s Day, thanks to its variety of meanings. A light pink signifies youthful joy, like that of a child, whilst a dark pink shows gratitude, and anything between the two represents grace. As an sophisticated mother, all three would be perfect to show your thanks on 6th March.

Don’t forget that FloraQueen offer a wide range of great gifts and flowers which can be sent almost anywhere in the world, perfect for if you are forced apart by distance this Mother’s Day. Thank her for all that she’s done and give her a luxurious Mothering Sunday.