Discover the Meaning of Rose Colors to Surprise Your Beloved Ones on All Occasions

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The language of flowers is well known. The rose with its unique perfume has many meanings, too. The color of rose chosen or the number of roses composing the bouquet also has meaning. The rose is one of the most cultivated and popular flowers in the world and one of the most appreciated for its sweet fragrance. Also, the essence of rose is even highly valued in perfumery. Rose water is used in cosmetics for its benefits to the skin. Thus, it is best not to make a mistake when offering a bouquet of roses, or you risk offending the person you’re talking to.

As you read this, you can learn the following:

* White and Red Roses Symbolism

* Black Rose

* The Lavender Rose

* Yellow Rose * Blue Rose

* Rainbow Rose

White and Red Roses Symbolism

The red rose symbolizes the power of love in all its splendor. It embodies passion, the devouring feeling of the first emotions, the everlasting love, and its ardor. Also, the rose is a flower appreciated for its charm, but also its scent. The bright color, the fluffy petals, and the shiny appearance make the red rose the most beautiful flower in the world.

Don’t hesitate to offer blooming roses. The message can be more durable and more explicit! This flower is universally known as the lovers’ rose. That is why we call it Valentine’s Day flower.The white rose is traditionally the symbol of purity, virginity, and honesty. On the one hand, just like the white lily, the white rose has the intense beauty suited to mourning. The white rose is undoubtedly the one that, ignoring the symbols of love, can offer itself in too many circumstances.

On the other hand, the white rose is also considered a symbol of divinity and perfection. Moreover, you can notice in the Renaissance paintings that depicted Christ, a crown of white roses on his head.

White roses are often offered at weddings because they symbolize fidelity and true eternal love. However, you can also provide them to your mother as a sign of admiration or as a tribute to a loved one who has left you.

Black Rose

Did you say black rose? It’s not necessarily the gift you’d like to give to a loved one. However, certain circumstances can oblige you to do so! Known as a color associated with grief, sadness, and death, black, in the language of flowers, rather expresses the beginning of a new adventure (a trip, for example). In any case, remember that black roses do not convey any message of affection. If possible, avoid offering them to people you love. You can, however, give them as gifts on special occasions such as Halloween.

A little anecdote: what we call a black rose is a very dark red rose. Although this flower is widely acclaimed for its beauty, it is very rare. Indeed, it only grows in the village of Halfeti in Turkey. However, it is possible to produce black roses artificially. Usually associated with mourning and sorrow, these flowers are the perfect gift for a grieving friend.

The Lavender Rose

Often associated with romance and royalty, the lavender rose is increasingly becoming rare. A symbol of elegance, grace, and wonder, this flower has a more or less ambiguous connotation. Depending on the case, it can be used to express love at first sight for a person. Whether you offer one or several, the message is always the same: you have a “crush in love” for a person.

For many, the lavender rose is pure enchantment. But in reality, this is not always the case. The message can change dramatically under certain circumstances. On Mother’s Day, for example, you can give your mother lavender roses to show your gratitude. Make sure you make the right choices. In general, relatively darker shades, with a slight hint of purple, are more effective.

Yellow Rose

Your colleague has just given birth, and you are looking for ideas or for a flower to celebrate the new birth? Opt for the yellow rose. If this flower was once associated with betrayal and jealousy, today it is a symbol of joy, kindness, platonic love, and respect. A beautiful, radiant flower with a color that is referring to the sun, the yellow rose is meant to appreciate your friends during the celebration of their birthdays. You can also offer it to reveal your cheerfulness in a given situation. In turn, the person who received the gift can use the bouquet to decorate a reception hall or to let the guests know that the party can be beautiful!

In the language of flowers, when one partner offers a bouquet of yellow roses to the other, it conveys a particular message. Generally speaking, this gesture implies a request for forgiveness and an admission of a fault (infidelity, for example). Sometimes the same gift can be used to signify an ambiguity of feeling or to ask for a break-up. It is up to the person receiving the flower to interpret the gesture according to the circumstances to decode the message.

Blue Rose

With its almost incredible color, the blue rose is the perfect symbol for describing the unattainable. Naturally, the petals of the rose do not possess the enzyme that allows the synthesis of pigment. In the past, men had tried several times to produce blue roses without ever succeeding. They were therefore forced to dye the roses to obtain the desired color. But thanks to scientific progress in recent years, Japanese researchers have succeeded in meeting the challenge. To do this, they injected the gene for a petunia into the DNA of a white rose.

In the language of flowers, blue roses are associated with mystery and optimism. So you can give them to someone who seems too mysterious. It is also the perfect gift to express a hidden and discreet feeling. If you are already in a serious relationship, you can offer a bouquet of blue roses to your partner to say that you are optimistic about the evolution of your love.

Rainbow Rose

First sold in Great Britain, the rainbow rose is much appreciated for its elegance and beauty. It is obtained from a mixture of colors and shades. Usually, when you offer a bouquet of multicolored roses to someone, you are conveying several messages at once. For example, a combination of yellow and white roses can evoke guilt and happiness. Generally speaking, a mix of white and red roses signifies unity. But for someone who does not know the meaning of the color of roses, the message can be confusing.

At the moment, there is no precise meaning for the rainbow rose yet. The ephemeral charm of this rose reminds us of the beauty of youth passing from one moment to the next. So take every possible opportunity to express your feelings of pride and joy to all your loved ones. For example, all it takes is a bouquet of colorful roses to encourage a friend or your son who is about to embark on a new phase of life, and they should thank you for it. If you want, you can use rainbow roses as a decorative object in your home.

Flowers represent the delicacy of life. They powerfully embody life, death, and rebirth. The captivating but short beauty of the rose reminds us of the beauty of youth. Life is short as it fades like a rose. So take advantage of every moment to share your feelings with all those you cherish. Each falling petal shortens the life of a beautiful flower. They have long been imbued with powerful symbolism, whether in biblical references, folklore, or literature. The iris and the lily appear in the first representations of the virgin Mary, as a symbol of purity, while the narcissus in Greek mythology forms egocentricity. Each flower, therefore, has a particular meaning, and we advise you to know the meaning of rose colors so as not to make a mistake when you wish to offer a bouquet.

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