The Iowa State Flower Is the Wild Prairie Rose

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Rosa Arkansana represents the Iowa state flower, also known in North America as the prairie rose. So, it should be no surprise that it belongs to the Rosaceae family.

This pretty flower comes from a large region in the center of North America. You can find it between the Appalachians and the Rocky Mountains starting from Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan in the north to New-Mexico, Texas, and Indiana in the south.

Iowa was the first state to vote in presidential primaries with the Iowa caucus and was ranked as one of the safest states in the United States. It is a good place to safely enjoy a date with your romantic partner, accompanied with a bouquet of flowers.

In this article, we are going to talk about the following points:

* Where is the location of Iowa?
* What is the history of Iowa?
* What is the story of the Iowa state flower?
* What are the characteristics of the Iowa state flower?
* What are the best occasions to offer the Iowa state flower as a gift?

Where Is the Location of Iowa?

Iowa, or also known as the American Heartland, is a nice state located in the Midwest of the United States. To the east of Iowa, you find Wisconsin and Illinois, the the north, you find Minnesota, and in the south, you find Missouri. Nebraska and South Dakota are to the west.

Its borders on the east and the west are the following rivers: The Mississippi on the east side and Missouri with the Big Sioux are on the west. The State of Iowa was ranked as the 20th largest state in the country. It is also ranked as the 30th most populous because its population is around 3,145,711 inhabitants based on statistical studies done in 2017, especially its capital, Des Moines, which is the most populous place.

What Is the History of Iowa?

The state of Iowa is known as the Hawkeye State, a nickname that it has held since 1838.
It is important to say that during colonial times, the state of Iowa took on an important part in French Louisiana. For this reason, its flag makes you think directly about France because it is white, blue and red.

When Napoleon sold Louisiana, the settlers decide to make agriculture the basis of this state economy. This iexplains why Iowa became part of the Corn Belt, too. In the 20th century, especially in the later part of the century, the economy of Iowa that is based on agriculture was monopolized with the arrival of technically advanced industries, biotechnology, and renewable energy production. On top of this, the economy was positively influenced by the financial services sector. This is how Iowa continues to develop.

What Is the Story of the Iowa State Flower?

Designated on May 7, 1897, Rosa arkansana was adopted by the Iowa Legislature as the official Iowa state flower. The wild prairie rose was chosen for the honor because during the same year, the state presented silver service to the battleship USS Iowa, and one of its flower decorations was the wild prairie rose. Nobody could resist its beauty, charm, or fascinating smell, so lawmakers in Iowa voted for Rosa arkansana to become the Iowa state flower.

What Are the Characteristics of the Iowa State Flower?

Rosa arkansana is one of the most beautiful flowers all over the world; with its pink petals and yellow center, and its twigs are red-brown with a lot of straight spines and bristles. Found in Iowa’s prairies, meadows, and open woodlands, its span measures 12 to 15 mm in diameter.

The wonderful form of the wild prairie rose makes the plant perfect for attracting feeders and polliners, and thus, spreading. This famous flower is said to have a wide diversity when it comes to medicinal uses. The Omahas used this rose to make solutions from different parts of the flower to cure and treat a large number of illnesses, such as inflammation of the eye, heart problems, pain, and even diarrhea in addition to intoxication. The Pawnees collected leaf galls to cure people that were suffering from burns.

What Are the Best Occasions to Offer the Iowa State Flower as a Gift?

If your sister gave birth to her first-child, your mother came back from a long trip, or your little daughter succeeded in her studies after long years of sacrifices, you should without any doubt offer them wild prairie rose. This flower is very charming, can be perfect in any garden or terrace, and sometimes can be used in flower arrangements.

Even if you want to give a bouquet of flowers to your close friend to apologize, to your neighbor who was sick recently, or to your team leader who is so kind to you and treats you very well, it is a good idea to offer them this wonderful and fantastic flower.

Other occasions seem perfect to offer a bouquet of Iona state flowers, but it is always up to you to choose the best occasions. However, always remember that your flowers are more than welcome.

The Iowa state flower, known as the wild prairie rose, is a famous flower that can be found throughout the state. It blooms from June to the end of summer, which gives you the chance to enjoy the splendid prairie flower. It is known for its wonderful colors, which are pink for the petals and yellow for the center. It has a big number of meanings for example pureness, cuteness, modesty, innocence, pure love or friendship. It means also respect and awareness in addition to sympathy. Rosa arkansana is one of the easiest flowers to take care of because it adapts to all the circumstances such as sunshine, rain, etc.

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