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The Bird of Paradise flower is iconic and easily recognized due to its distinctive shape and bright coloring. The flower is native to South Africa, and it is prized the world over due to its incredible appearance and potentially great longevity under the right circumstances. Birds of paradise generally flower from September through to May, and during this time the flowers are sure to stun anyone who sees their fantastic appearance. This article discusses:

  • How to obtain a Bird of Paradise flower
  • Nice occasions to give a Bird of Paradise as a gift
  • How to care for a Bird of Paradise flower
  • Facts about the Bird of Paradise flower

How to Obtain a Bird of Paradise Flower

You can choose to either grow or purchase a bird of paradise flower. Depending on your area, the price of a bird of paradise varies somewhat. They can be purchased both as individual flowers or often as parts of bouquets or arrangements, which can be an especially nice choice if you wish to give a bird of paradise to somebody as part of a gift. It is also possible to buy a bird of paradise plant, often in a pot or organized in some other way. This can be somewhat expensive, but it is a good option if you would like to keep the flowers for years instead of simply having them as part of a bouquet.

If you choose to grow a bird of paradise plant yourself, you are in for a rewarding experience! Growing plants in general is something that brings people peace and satisfaction, and the outcome is even better when you grow something as stunning as a bird of paradise. They are not especially difficult plants to raise, but you will need to care for them in order to ensure that they bloom properly and thrive thereafter. Birds of paradise, being native to a hot climate, do not do well outside in colder areas, so will need to be kept indoors if the temperature where you live often falls below 50 degrees. They also do best with soil that is kept moist, and when fed with plant food or fertilized fairly frequently.

Nice Occasions to Give a Bird of Paradise as a Gift

The bird of paradise’s flower is often said or thought to represent great values and sentiments like love and faithfulness, which means it is the perfect gift idea for something to give to your partner for an anniversary or other celebration. If you choose to give your partner a bird of paradise, it could be a great experience to purchase a plant and the two of you can plant it together. Another potential use for the bird of paradise as a gift is to commemorate exciting or joyous occasions. A single bird of paradise is a wonderful addition to any bouquet or arrangement that you might choose to give to somebody.

There are some other meanings to the bird of paradise that make it a great gift for somebody. It is the official flower to commemorate a ninth wedding anniversary, for example. If you are going to celebrate your ninth wedding anniversary, then there is no better flower to choose than a bird of paradise! The flower is also said to represent having a positive outlook or perspective on life. This makes it a nice choice for a gift to celebrate somebody’s outlook on life, or to commemorate someone for their great spirit. The flowers thrive in the summer seasons, so that is an especially good time to give somebody a bird of paradise, either as a plant or flower alone.

How to Care for a Bird of Paradise Flower

Birds of paradise are not especially difficult plants to take care of, especially if you live in a warmer climate. They tend to thrive in warmer environments and do well in humidity, so they are well-suited to greenhouses or similar enclosures. It is best to keep the plant in sunny spots, though it is not completely necessary. Birds of paradise are native to South Africa, which is a hot and sunny place. Try to replicate such conditions for your plant, and it is highly likely to do very well! They should also have damp soil, but not wet, so let its soil dry out somewhat between watering.

The bird of paradise is a plant that grows relatively quickly, meaning that it is a good idea to give it food while it is growing. Its growth slows down naturally during the winter months, so it is not needed then to give it food or fertilize it. If you are not growing the plant in an environment which is naturally humid, then it is a good idea to give it a mist every now and then for its leaves. Water quality may be an issue for the plant, as it prefers water free from salt. Make sure you use distilled water on your bird of paradise if you see that its leaves are turning brown.

Facts About the Bird of Paradise Flower

Birds of paradise are simply iconic! They are one of the first flowers that people will think of when tropical flowers are mentioned. The name of the plant itself derives from the shape of its flower, which is thought to resemble the actual bird of paradise. While they are native to South Africa, they grow around the world in tropical areas, and grow wild in much of Hawaii.

The plant is actually closely related to the banana plant, and it resembles the banana plant in many ways. It was first grown in the 1770s in South Africa, and the bird of paradise plant was named by the director of the gardens where it was first grown. Many people associate the flowers with joy and freedom due to their brilliant colors. Despite the beauty and elegance of the flower, it is important to keep in mind that the plants are toxic to dogs and cats!

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