6 Glorious Gardens in Europe to Savour This Summer

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Gardens in Europe are truly a sight to behold. With centuries of horticultural history, patronised by some of the most notable families in the continent’s history there are some truly amazing gardens dotted all across the cities and countryside, which are thankfully now open for the public to enjoy.

As summer’s just around the corner, we’ve chosen six of our favourites that you should visit this year.

Our choices for the best 6 gardens in Europe this summer:

Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew – London

Kew gardens temperate house

In the London suburb of Richmond you’ll find one the city’s true horticultural gems. The botanical gardens were first established back in 1770s and has over the years featured some truly amazing and exotic non-native plant life. The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) who oversee the running of the gardens, describe the gardens themselves as “the most diverse collection of living plants of any botanic garden in the world.” Additionally the gardens also boast diverse selection of ornamental buildings such as a Chinese-style pagoda and the elaborate Kew Palace, which was once the summer home of George III.

Summer Gardens – St Petersberg

Summer garden St Petersburg

Whilst Russia’s imperial history is now far behind, the spectacular Summer Gardens of the former Czars still remains. This ornate and shady park, designed by Peter the Great in the early 1700s, still retains its original layout and many of its original statues and fountains and offers a perfect location for peace and relaxation. The Garden is considered a symbol of St Petersburg and was even featured in literary references by Alexander Pushkin.

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Gardens of Versailles – Paris

Versailles Gardens fountain

The palatial home of the Bourbons up to Louis XVI boasts some seriously impressive gardens which are beautifully kept (all plants are painstakingly replanted every 100 years). With fountains, elaborate patterned lawns and a huge cross-shaped, man-made lake set amongst thickets of trees and topiary hedges.

Generalife Gardens – Granada

Generalife Gardens Granada

Granada is one of the true gems of Spain and amongst its ancient streets and views of the Sierra Nevada mountains is the world famous Alhambra. Inside the great palace complex is the Generalife, a smaller summer palace built by Muhammad III the Nasrid Sultan of Granada. Inside this palace are some of the best preserved Moorish gardens that can still be found today. The spectacular Persian-style gardens are an impressive sight, combining bright coloured blooms, greenery and elegant water features.

Boboli Gardens – Florence

Boboli Gardens Florence

Florence was birthplace of the European medieval renaissance and the beautiful Boboli Gardens in the city are a fine reflection of that history and also Italy’s Roman history. Be inspired by ornate terraces and architecture designed and built by Michelangelo.

Schönbrunn Palace Gardens – Vienna

Schönbrunn park Vienna

It will be no great surprise to many that the gardens of this antique Habsburg summer Palace are a magnificent sight to see. Open to the public since 1779, allowing the Viennese population and visitors to the city to enjoy the breathtaking flowerbeds, lawns, statues and views of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With sunnier weather soon to reach Europe, now is the perfect time to take advantage of these six wonderful gardens. Will you visit any of our top picks this year?

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